Raytheon Co. has won an initial $38 M contract from the Global Positioning System (GPS) Joint Program Office at the US Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center to design next-generation global positioning receivers. An additional award to complete development and fabricate pre-production receiver cards for test and integration in host systems could follow.

Under the Modernized User Equipment (MUE) program, the circuit card technology will connect military users with new GPS navigation signals that will be compatible with the enhanced NAVSTAR GPS satellites. The receivers, which will employ the robust new M-code military signal, also will work effectively with legacy signal systems.

"The MUE program represents an opportunity to raise the capability of military GPS equipment while lowering the cost for the warfighter. Working with our teammates, General Dynamics and Trimble Navigation Systems, MUE will benefit from breakthroughs in microelectronics technology, coupled with advanced security solutions to enable higher performance and greater integrity at less cost than today's systems," said Phil Kelton, MUE program manager for Raytheon's GPS and navigation systems business.

"This technology development will strengthen and preserve the secure GPS navigation capability that is a key enabler for the United States and its allies in all missions," said Ralph Garcia, director of GPS and navigation systems. "It will also provide a path for higher performance, extreme accuracy and modular upgrades of Raytheon's avionics, weapons and integrated sensor systems."