AmpHHPAW-441The HHPAW-441 is a W-Band pulsed high power amplifier that offers +27 dBm (½ W) of RF power over the range from 92 to 96 GHz. This amp can be operated with a variable pulse rate from CW to 100 nS. The amplifier uses the latest MMICs that are power combined for the maximum RF power and gain.

Various gain and power combinations are offered:
• Gain levels from 7 to 30 dB SSG and power from 50-500 mW are available with +30 dBm (1W) presently in development.
• The variable pulse width can be tuned from 100 nS to full on CW with rise and fall times at less than 10 nS.
• The HHPAW-441 has 20 dB of gain with ±1.8 dB flatness and +26 dBm of power.
• A heat sink is supplied with the amplifier.

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