TestCablesThe ultra flexible, low loss test and equipment cable assemblies are new from AtlanTecRF.

Geoff Burling, CEO of the Atlantic Microwave Group said, “The key feature with these is that whilst very flexible, the cable is phase stable to within +/-2 degrees with flexure, making the assemblies very suitable for applications where movement is required or where stable test conditions are essential.

The ABC series can be supplied from stock in standard lengths from 0.3 to five metres.”

The Ultra Flexible construction consists of a silver plated copper clad steel centre conductor with solid PTFE dielectric shielded in two layers consisting of aluminium tape and silver plated copper braid. Outside this is a proprietary polyurethane based jacket from which much of the flexibility is derived. Overall diameter is 5.3 mm.

With velocity of propagation to 70% and a frequency range from DC to 18 GHz the assemblies are available in a choice of SMA or Type N male stainless steel connectors as standard but with other options available for custom designs.

As an example, a two metre long assembly exhibits a 23 dB return loss at 8GHz and with attenuation at the same frequency of 3.0dB. Screening is effectively greater than 90dB while the insulation resistance is 5 M ohms and the operating temperature range -30 to +105C.

Despite this combination of high performance parameters, the assemblies remain economically priced and available from stock.

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