New broadband BTS LNAs are highly flexible, simplify RF design requirements

Hillsboro, OR and San Jose, CA – June 28, 2011 – TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. (NASDAQ: TQNT), a leading RF solutions supplier and technology innovator, has released four new linear low noise amplifiers (LNAs) that eliminate matching components in a wide range of high-performance broadband applications including 3G/4G base station networks.

TriQuint is focused on bringing performance innovation to essential building blocks in the global network. This network is fraught with demand that continues to grow; by 2015, the amount of mobile data traffic contributed by tablets alone is expected to equal that of mobile data traffic from all devices combined in 2010.*

“Consumer demand for smartphones and tablets means more bandwidth through the network, which leads to the need for greater RF chain linearity”, said Vice President Brian P. Balut. Our customers want to integrate functions for simplified design and greater efficiency. TriQuint solutions deliver by leveraging our unique technology portfolio and experience meeting worldwide network RF design requirements.”

TriQuint’s new low noise amplifiers are part of a wide-ranging portfolio created to provide flexible, highly-efficient linear solutions for broadband markets including mobile network base stations, repeaters, point-to-point radios, test and other high-performance applications. Available in cost-effective standard surface-mount packages, these cascadable 50 Ohm low noise amplifiers consume as little as 50 mA of electrical current and offer a variety of gain options from 15-19 dB; all operate on a single positive power supply (3V to 5V) and are unconditionally stable. TriQuint innovation includes these new products:

Technical Details:
• TQP3M9005… This device has a low 0.8 dB noise figure and provides 15 dB gain at 1.9 GHz;
P1dB RF output is 22.3 dBm; OIP3 is 34 dBm; electrical current consumption (Idd) is 50 mA.
• TQP3M9006… The product has a low 1.0 dB noise figure and delivers 13.5 dB gain at 1.9 GHz;
P1dB RF output is 22.4 dBm; OIP3 is 38.5 dBm; electrical current consumption (Idd) is 90 mA.
• TQP3M9007… This gain block operates with a low 1.3 dB noise figure while delivering 13 dB gain at 1.9 GHz; P1dB RF output is 23.6 dBm; OIP3 is 41 dBm; electrical current consumption (Idd) is 125 mA.
• TQP3M9028… This product has a low 2.0 dB noise figure & provides flat gain (±0.2 dB) across a wide bandwidth; it delivers 14.7 dB gain at 1.9 GHz. The device’s P1dB RF output power is 21 dBm; OIP3 is 40 dBm; electrical current consumption (Idd) is 85 mA.

Samples and evaluation boards are available. Contact TriQuint for product details or go to to locate a sales representative or distributor closest to you. Please visit the company’s website by clicking the link below our logo on this page for product updates and to register for TriQuint’s quarterly newsletter.

*Source: 2011 Cisco Visual Networking Index