Infineon Technologies has announced a $1 B expansion project at its Virginia subsidiary semiconductor plant, Infineon Technologies Richmond, LP. The expansion will begin with initial equipment introduction to enable the start of production of advanced DRAM chips on 300 mm wafers beginning in early 2005. This will increase the company’s flexibility and responsiveness to customer requirements for its memory and logic products.

After completion of the initial expansion, the site will be capable of processing 25,000 wafer starts per month in 300 mm technology, which will more than double the total capacity for DRAM at the Richmond site. With operations scheduled to begin in early 2005, the initial build out will give Infineon the option to ramp up additional capacity rapidly if and when it is required by market conditions.

The 300 mm production module will initially produce high performance and high density DRAM chips using 110 nm technology, with a fast transition to 90 nm devices. In the meantime, the company will continue to operate the 200 mm module, which is now running at full capacity.