The test and service centers of the global 7 layers group have established a new way of managing test and certification processes for mobile communications products — the Rapid Response Network. The network connects 7 layers’ accredited laboratories in Asia, the US and Europe, which utilize a large portfolio of test equipment, into a global virtual platform for the simultaneous testing of customer projects.

Consequently, the amount and choice of test equipment available for a certain project is enormous and large scale projects with tight deadlines can be split up easily between different laboratories in order to speed up the process. Clients simply contact the 7 layers test and service center of their choice. The project starts with the detailed analysis of manufacturers’ requirements and product capabilities. Then the test project is set up in the InterLab system, a management, information and process control system for fast and reliable testing.

Once the test plan has been created, the actual testing is distributed to any test equipment within the group that has been integrated into the InterLab system, independent of where it is actually situated. The integrated IT systems ensure the seamless information transfer between the various sites with the object being that clients receive the best and fastest possible service.