Now also fit for connectivity and initial broadcasting standards.

CTIA Wireless 2010, Las Vegas - Rohde & Schwarz has designed the R&S CMW270 as a flexible communications tester that can handle applications well beyond classic cellular mobile radio. As a cost-effective solution for development and production, the tester is capable of handling WiMAX™ plus WLAN, Bluetooth®, GPS and various broadcasting standards. With the R&S CMW270, Rohde & Schwarz keeps pace with the trend toward integrated wireless communications solutions in laptops, netbooks and game consoles. The tester can be equipped with additional technologies to accommodate specific requirements. It is a preconfigured version of the R&S CMW500 multitechnology platform and can be upgraded to full functionality when the need arises.

At CTIA Wireless 2010, Rohde & Schwarz will demonstrate the simulation of a mobile WiMAX™ network with MIMO and channel emulation (fading). The test setup comprising the R&S CMW270 and the R&S AMU200A signal generator will replace real base stations in development and verification, making it possible to reproducibly test and optimize the RF and signaling parameters of the transmission channel during operation. Users can also perform measurements at maximum data throughput. This solution considerably simplifies the maintenance, programming and configuration of WiMAX™ base stations.

The new standards for the R&S CMW270 are now available from Rohde & Schwarz via software update.