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Smallest coaxial connector 8 Ghz. Rosenberger introduces Micro RF Cable Clamp coaxial connector with push-on design – ideal for high packaging density and premium-space applications.

LANCASTER, Pa. — Rosenberger introduces a new Micro RF Cable Clamp whose ultra small size and excellent performance from DC to 8 GHz makes it the designers’ choice for high density applications. The mating cable connector is spring loaded ….push in place, wait for the click and the connector is locked in the correctly aligned position.

The Micro RF Cable Clamp fits on pc board space of 5.0 mm x 3.6 mm and is < 2 mm in height, a perfect connector for premium space applications. The mating cable connector comes in a variety of configurations including Cable Clamp to SMA, Cable Clamp to SMP and Cable Clamp to Cable Clamp.