Compact Narda SP5T Reflective 18-GHz PIN-Diode Switch Delivers Fast Switching Speed

HAUPPAUGE, NY – January 14, 2010 - Narda, an L-3 Communications (NYSE: LLL) company, today introduced the Model SS153DHS SP5T reflective PIN-diode switch that operates from DC to 18 GHz and provides fast switching speed, high isolation, low insertion loss, and is housed in a rugged compact package. Together these features make the switch an excellent choice for applications ranging from electronic warfare systems and simulators to automated test equipment.

The Model SS153DHS has switching speed of 20 ns, insertion loss ranging from 2.6 dB from 2 to 12 GHz and 3.6 dB from 12 to 18 GHz, maximum VSWR of 2:1 and isolation up to 65 dB. It can handle up to 200 mW of RF power and can survive RF power input of 1 W CW and 20 W peak (1 µs pulse width, 5% duty cycle).

The switch operates from +5 VDC at 110 mA and -12 VDC at 70 mA, and has an operating temperature range of -54° C to +95° C. It meets MIL-STD-202F for humidity, shock, vibration, and thermal shock, and measures 2.54 x 1.2 x 0.3 in. without connectors. TTL drivers are included and are reverse-voltage protected, and options include very low loss video leakage, integrated TTL logic control, a BCD decoder driver, and over-voltage protection. Other package styles can be specified as well.

The Model SS153DHS is available from Narda for immediate delivery.