Antenna diameters
2' (60 cm)
3' (90 cm)
4' (120 cm)
6' (180 cm)

Antenna weights
2' 22 lbs. (9.9 kg)
3' 35 lbs. (15.8 kg)
4' 60 lbs. (27.0 kg)
6' 95 lbs. (42.8 kg)

SP models:standard parabolic, plane polarized

SPD models:dual polarized

IEC or EIA flanges available

Direct mountingfor RF units available

Ease of installation:antennas shipped completely assembled, minimal mount required

Optional molded radomes;radomes shipped factory installed, except 6' model

Rugged and lightweightcast aluminum mount with fine adjustment for both azimuth and elevation

Standard white;other colors and/or logos available on request

Corrosive resistant:mount materials are coated aluminum, hot dipped galvanized steel and stainless steel

Three year warranty