LampDriver The Durel Division of Rogers Corporation has announced an addition to its high-performance electroluminescent (EL) lamp driver integrated circuits (ICs) - D392A. The D392A EL lamp driver delivers the programmable output voltages needed to power a wide range of EL lamps, including in portable applications such as cellular telephones, data organizers and PDAs, remote controls, monochrome LCDs, and DFLX™ EL keypad lamps.

Operating with supply currents ranging from 16 to 35 mA and a minimum enable voltage of 1.3 V, the high-efficiency EL lamp driver generates typical peak-to-peak output voltages of 170 to 230 V, with maximum rating of 250 V peak-to-peak. It uses patented wave-shaping technology with slew-rate control to produce clean, low-noise output voltage waveforms for noise-sensitive applications.

Durel’s D392A EL lamp driver, which supports a wide range of lamp frequencies, incorporates a unique dimming feature which can be controlled through discrete components, an analog voltage or a PWM signal. The robust lamp driver IC features a high +/-15 kV ESD (Human Body Model) rating and output over-voltage protection for high reliability in a wide range of applications. The lamp driver is compatible with external clocks and supplied in a “Green,” RoHS-compliant (lead-free) 14-pin DFN package

The easy-to-use D392A lamp driver IC can be implemented in most practical circuits with low-profile inductors and a few other passive components. In addition, designer’s kits for the D392A, complete with evaluation board, are also available. The lamp driver IC is rated for operating temperatures from -40 to +85ºC and storage temperatures from -55 to +150ºC.

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