The MTS2500 series of high resolution synthesizers from Synergy Microwave Corporation combine the latest in DDS and multi-loop synthesizer technologies with a high performance VCO to provide as low as 1 Hz step size, ultra low phase noise, wide bandwidth performance and low spurious, while permitting for increased loop bandwidth, faster settling time and higher stability under vibration.

Several models are available covering wide frequency bands, the MTS2500-110250-10 (1.1 – 2.5 GHz), MTS2500-200400-10 (2-4 GHz) and MTS2500-300600-10 (3-6 GHz). Power consumption is less than 2.0 watts. The low resolution offered by the MTS2500 series is ideal for applications in imaging equipment such as RADAR and magnetic resonance. Additional applications may include DVB transmitters, satellite ground station equipment, test equipment and control links for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

Serially programming the synthesizer is simply accomplished through a 3-wire interface. These synthesizers are available in surface mount and SMA connectorized options. Prefix K in the part number identifies SMA option.