Providing specialist solutions for a range of markets, Labtech Microwave offers a wide range of complimentary microwave PCB capabilities from a purpose built factory. Through comprehensive technical support, our ability to meet prototype-to-volume production requirements along with state-of-the-art microwave testing facilities means we've set new standards in the design, manufacturing and testing of microwave PCBs for demanding and critical applications.

Metalbacked PCBs
• Aluminium, brass and copper carriers
• Pre-bonded and post-bonded materials used
• Conductive and non-conductive adhesive and bonding experience
• Plated through hole capability — metal carrier to PTFE
• State of the art microwave testing

Multilayer PCBs
• PTFE, LCP and Mixed di-electric constructions
• Blind and buried vias, sequential builds
• Metal core and metal backed
• Embedded resistors, capacitors and connector assembly
• Ohmega ply — planar resistor technology

Precision single sided and double sided PCBs
• High tolerance capabilities and features
• Precision laser generated pockets
• Thin di-electric handling
• Wire bondable finishes