Labtech has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of Detector Log Video Amplifiers (DLVAs). These devices are used extensively in applications requiring an output voltage related to the power of a received RF signal. In order to cope with a wide range of input signals a log amplifier is used to provide a linear voltage output per dBm of input power. Typically the input range of a DVLA will operate over 50dB or more with a base sensitivity less than -40dBm whilst providing linear conversion within ±1dB for all power levels, frequencies and temperatures. Where greater sensitivity and power levels are expected the Extended Range DLVA (ERDLVA) offers even greater performance. A feature of DLVAs is that the performance is intimately tied to the performance of the system in which they are to be integrated. Therefore, Labtech offers its extensive experience to design bespoke parts that meet your requirement.

The library of designs include:
• Multi-octave performance operating at frequencies up to 40GHz
• Dynamic range up to 60dB for DLVAs extending to 80dB for ERDLVAs
• Sequential DLVAs
• DC coupled and CW immune options
• Wide operating temperature range; -50°C to +85°C
• Small size and weight suitable for airborne applications
• Fast rise, settling and recovery times

Labtech produces its DLVAs in class 10000 clean rooms and offers options of hermetic sealing and full environmental testing.