WICHITA, KS—February 14, 2008—Aeroflex today announced the release of a new RF spectrum analyzer option for the 3500 hand-held 1 GHz Radio Test Set. The new spectrum analyzer option now allows users to see the signals they are receiving. In addition, the 3500 will have P25 parametric test capabilities by summer 2008, making it even more versatile.

Using an advanced Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm, the 3500 spectrum analyzer option provides an almost instantaneous display of the RF frequency spectrum. The 3500 has the ability to measure signal levels down to -136 dBm, providing advanced signal analysis in a lightweight platform, weighing less than 8.5 lbs. Operation of the 3500 spectrum analyzer includes span ranges of 10 kHz to 5 MHz and an effective resolution bandwidth as small as 19 Hz. Marker functions are available for the user to measure power in a specified bandwidth.

The first truly rugged, portable radio test set
Based on a rugged design that has been approved by the U. S. military, the 3500 offers a wide range of RF test and analysis tools. Features such as broadband power meter, frequency meter, deviation and modulation Index, SINAD and distortion measurements set the 3500 apart from other portable RF test equipment.

“The 3500 is in a class of its own,” said Lyndon Zielke, senior marketing engineer, Aeroflex Test Solutions. “The 3500 Series is targeted to perform, quick, accurate tests for verification of radio performance and cable/antenna integrity in a variety of vehicles and platforms. It also provides fast, quick, over-the-air testing of radio transceivers. The 3500’s flexible platform gives us the ability to add new features quickly such as the spectrum analyzer and P25 tests.”

Project 25 tests enhance the 3500’s value
Aeroflex will equip the 3500 with P25 parametric tests, with initial availability in summer 2008.

“With the upcoming release of P25 test features, 3500 owners can take their unit to remote sites and perform complex digital modulation analysis, as well as standard analog measurements,” said Zielke. “The 3500 is now the leading portable test set for the land mobile radio market.”

P25 tests will include C4FM modulation fidelity, frequency error, power and symbol deviation measurements. The 3500 will also generate both the 1011 and O.153 bit pattern for performing digital receiver sensitivity tests.

The 3500 RF spectrum analyzer option is available as Option 35XXOPT01. P25 options will be available in summer of 2008.