SPA-14-526Z_100RFMD’s new SPA-1426Z and SPA-1526Z are Indium Gallium Phosphide (InGaP) power amplifiers (PAs). These PAs are one-watt and two-watt respectively. Operated as Class A PA devices, they exhibit unmatched performance where backed off linearity is crucial to high power amplifier (HPA) performance in today’s wireless infrastructure marketplace. These devices are applicable to all markets requiring higher power linear operation. Housed in RFMD’s proprietary SOF-26 package, the SPAs exhibit lower thermal resistance (Rth) and lower power dissipation (Pdiss) than competing parts in this product space. In addition to on-chip active-bias, and an on-chip input power detector, these amplifiers boast a rugged HBM ESD rating of Class-1C (>1000V).

These products are well suited for use as a driver stage in macro/micro-cell infrastructure equipment or as the final output stage in pico-cell infrastructure equipment. They operate from a 5V supply and are pre-matched to ~5 ohms on the input for broadband performance and ease of matching at the board level. These products are RoHS and WEEE compliant.

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