Cleveland, Ohio – October 9, 2007 - Keithley Instruments, Inc. (NYSE:KEI), a leader in solutions for emerging measurement needs, announces a new C-V measurement instrument for its powerful Model 4200-SCS Semiconductor Characterization System. The Model 4200-CVU instrument comes as a module that plugs into any available instrument slot of the Model 4200-SCS, allowing fast and easy capacitance measurements from femtoFarads (fF) to nanoFarads (nF), at frequencies from 10kHz to 10MHz. Developed with the most modern and high performance circuitry available, the Model 4200-CVU has eight patents pending on its innovative design. This design provides intuitive point-and-click setup, simple cabling, and built-in element models that eliminate the guesswork in obtaining valid C-V measurements. Users of all experience levels can perform C-V tests as if they were experts. Visit for more information. The Model 4200-CVU includes the most extensive set of test libraries available, greatly increasing test efficiency. Even more efficiency is possible with Keithley’s Model 4200-LS-LC-12, a special switch matrix and card with cables and adapters that enable tightly integrated C-V/I-V testing with a single prober touchdown. The optional Model 4200-PROBER-KIT allows easy connection of the Model 4200-SCS to the most widely used probers. The net result is comprehensive C-V testing that is as easy to set up and run as I-V tests. Broad Application Support With these latest additions to its 4200-SCS line, Keithley has taken the lead in C-V instrumentation and now satisfies the widest range of applications served by a single semiconductor test instrument, covering a broad array of probers, device types, process technologies, and measurement methodologies – including pulse I-V. The Model 4200-CVU and optional modules solve the problems of other characterization systems that either do not provide integrated C-V/I-V/pulse, or have limited support in their user interfaces and software libraries. Moreover, the system’s flexible and powerful test execution engine makes it simple to combine I-V, C-V, and pulsed tests into the same test sequence. Therefore, the Model 4200-SCS can replace a variety of electrical test tools with a single, tightly integrated characterization solution. Nonetheless, Keithley’s Model 4200-SCS will continue to support C-V/I-V/pulse and other test methodologies utilizing a variety of third party instruments. These characteristics make the 4200-SCS/CVU solution the ideal choice for: · Semiconductor technology development/process development/reliability labs · Materials and device research labs and consortia · Any lab needing a benchtop DC or pulse instrument · Most semi labs and users needing multi-use/multi-instruments in a small form factor Powerful Software. The Model 4200-SCS has always had the most intuitive Windows-based interface (GUI) of any semiconductor characterization system on the market. Developed from many years of customer interaction and feedback, this ease of use continues with the new Model 4200-CVU hardware and software modules, which are a natural extension of its interactive test environment and execution engine. Keithley supports the Model 4200-CVU hardware with an extensive set of sample programs, test libraries, and built-in parameter extraction examples ready to run right out of the box. The eight software libraries provide the broadest range of C-V test and analysis available. They cover all the standard applications, including C-V, C-t, and C-f measurement and analysis for high and low K structures, MOSFETs, BJTs, diodes, flash memory, photovoltaic cells, III-V compound devices, and carbon nanotube (CNT) devices. Besides junction, pin-to-pin, and interconnect capacitance, the analysis and parameter extraction software yields doping profiles, TOX, mobile ions, and carrier lifetime. These tests include various linear and custom C-V sweeps, as well as C vs. time and C vs. frequency.