AnritsuMG37020ASAnritsu Company introduces the MG37020A fast-switching microwave signal generator that utilizes an advanced VCO-based hardware architecture to achieve best-in-class frequency switching speed of 100 µsec per point. The fast switching speed, and a number of other high-performance specifications and design advantages make the MG37020A well suited for integration into automated test systems used in defense signal simulation and manufacturing ATE where minimum test time and maximum throughput is critical.

The innovative VCO-based architecture integrates advanced RF hardware, enhanced computing, and digital interfaces that minimize command and trigger delays. The result is that the MG37020A has switching speed an order of magnitude faster than comparable YIG-based signal generators while maintaining low phase noise of typically -101 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset at 10 GHz. The MG37020A's overall performance makes it ideal for data intensive applications, such as antenna test, satellite payload test, and terrestrial microwave link testing.

The increased throughput and lower cost of test created by the fast switching speed also make the MG37020A excellent for high volume component manufacturing, such as RFIC and MMIC testing. The MG37020A covers a frequency range of 10 MHz to 20 GHz in 0.001 Hz steps. It features +23 dBm high output power at 20 GHz, and high performance pulse modulation to conduct highly accurate signal simulation of pulsed signals. The MG37020A uses a Windows® XP Professional platform, has a color touch screen display and the ability to use a mouse and keyboard. The user interface (UI) has been optimized for ease of use with an intuitive menu flow, familiar icons and on-screen function keys. Enhanced connectivity with USB 2.0 Device and Host, Ethernet LAN, IEEE-488 GPIB and RS-232 Serial I/O are all standard.

The variety of connectivity options and the MG37020A's low profile of 13.3 H x 45 D (cm) further enhance the signal generator's ATE advantages. Anritsu has developed options that address specific testing requirements. The MG37020A Pulse Modulation option includes pulse burst capability designed to address Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) test applications. With the option, there is no need for external pulse generators, saving space and cost. A new Ultra-Stable Phase Track option is also available.

When the option is installed, up to four MG37020A synthesizers can be interconnected, for those applications requiring multiple test signals that accurately phase track each other. The MG37020A joins Anritsu's line of synthesized microwave signal generators, which also includes the MG3690B series. The family covers the full range of R&D, manufacturing and maintenance applications in the microwave industries, including components and subsystems, satellite communications, aerospace/defense electronics, and university research. The MG37020A has a delivery of 12 weeks ARO.

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