Skyworks’ new high performance, monolithic, digitally programmable low-pass filters – the SKY73201-364LF for single bands and SKY73202-364LF for dual bands -- are configured as 6th order Butterworth to provide extremely high stop-band isolation while maximizing pass-band flatness and minimizing group delay distortion. The devices are programmable in 1 MHz steps, from 1 to 28 MHz, via the 3-wire serial peripheral interface (SPI). Nearly ideal Butterworth performance is maintained over temperature and process via a proprietary internal calibration circuit which derives its timing accuracy from a 20 or 40 MHz reference clock. The SKY73201-364LF and SKY73202-364LF offer excellent linearity and low input noise level, making them suitable for extremely high dynamic range applications such as adjacent channel rejection filters in direct conversion receivers. Other applications include WiMAX CPEs and basestations, software defined radio basebands, high-definition television tuners, medical imaging, and flexible anti-aliasing and reconstruction filters. The filters have a completely differential interface, but may also be used single ended, and offer on-chip input/output drivers to allow easy integration between modern system components such as mixers, data converters, and variable gain amplifiers. Evaluation boards are available upon request. More information is available at: and, and samples are available through Innovation to Go™ – Skyworks’ online store located on the company’s Web site. Pricing depends on quantities. Please contact a sales representative at or visit the company’s Web site at for more information.