The HMC463LH250 is a GaAs PHEMT MMIC Low Noise Distributed Amplifier with gain control which operates from 2 to 20 GHz. This amplifier provides 13 dB of gain, 3 dB noise figure and 18 dBm of output power at 1 dB compression, while drawing only 60 mA from a +5V supply. Housed in a hermetic SMT package, the HMC463LH250 exhibits excellent gain flatness of ±0.5 dB from 2 to 14 GHz, making it ideal for EW, ECM, Radar, Test Equipment. The HMC561LP3(E) is a broadband x2 Active Frequency Multiplier utilizing GaAs PHEMT technology in a leadless 3 x 3 mm RoHS compliant SMT package. When driven by a +5 dBm signal, the multiplier provides +14 dBm typical output power from 8 to 21 GHz, and the Fo and 3Fo isolations are 15 dBc at 16 GHz. The HMC561LP3(E) exhibits low additive SSB phase noise of -139 dBc/Hz at 100 KHz.