Dragon™ is a lightweight, (under 15 lbs!) dual-transmitter system. The Dragon system is composed of 2 independent, dual 5-watt transmitter modules giving the user freedom to transmit on any 2 frequency bands from anywhere without swapping out or purchasing expensive and bulky additonal transmitters. Each Dragon is housed in a high impact ABS water resistant case. It has a built-in agile frequency synthesizer, dynamically controlled power amplifier and remote control of all transmitter parameters via an IR remote controller. Remote adjustments include the power level, channel or frequency assignment and transmit On/Off. · Available in 5 Watt Class A for wideband module widths 450-800 MHz, 800-1000 MHz, 1800-2100 MHz and 2100-2500 MHz · Two independent removable transmitter modules · Pure spectrum Class A power amplifier with adjustable power output + 0.1 dB over 20 dB range · Weighs only 15 pounds · Water resistant, rugged 15 x 12 x 5 (inches) ABS plastic case · Power levels, channels and frequencies are controlled from the front panel with 16 soft keys · 240 x 64 reflective LCD (1/2 VGA) · VSWR antenna protection and internal power meter measurement for precise output power control · Built-in thermal overheat protection for amplifier · Battery backed-up SRAM stores all user selectable parameters in the event of a power loss · All parameters adjustable remotely via IR remote control