2015-39 SSK-STS73673-15-ITS1 V-Band Dual Polarized TransmitterModel SSK-ST573673-15-ITS1 is a V-Band transmitter (upconverter) that emits two orthogonally polarized signals from 57-67 GHz. The transmitter takes 14.250 to 15.875 GHz/+0 dBm signal through a X4 active multiplier to generate millimeterwave signal as its local oscillator and DC to 3.5 GHz/0 dBm as its IF input signal to generate 57 to 67 GHz RF signals.

The generated RF signals is fed into two power amplifiers to produce the horizontal and vertical polarized signals, which is combined into circular polarized waveform through a V-Band orthomode transducer and transmitted via a 14 dBi gain conical antenna. The EIRP of both horizontal vertical polarized signals is +36 dBm typically. The assembly requires a typical +6 VDC/ 670 mA bias power. The assembly uses SMA (F) connectors for both LO and IF ports.