To meet growing demand in the wireless radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) market for a capable, cost-effective RFIC design platform, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (TSMC) and Applied Wave Research Inc. (AWR) have announced a corporate agreement to jointly develop and deliver a design platform for TSMC’s 0.35-micron silicon germanium process. The platform will include AWR’s Analog Office™ RFIC design software, a TSMC 0.35 micron SiGe process design kit (PDK) based on open software standards, and an end-user full product support package.

Under the agreement, the companies will develop a new set of process-calibrated and process-tuned device models for the 0.35 micron SiGe process. The model set will include the most advanced and accurate HICUM bipolar transistor models as well as a comprehensive set of accurately tuned spiral inductor models. The new models will enable analogue and RFIC designers to develop next-generation, high performance wireless ICs quickly and easily, leveraging the full capability of the advanced SiGe process, and with full confidence that the circuits will perform as designed in silicon.