New low cost, high performance oven controlled oscillator added to growing line of frequency control products

HOPKINTON, MA & BALTIMORE, MD – June 7, 2011 – Today at the IEEE IMS 2011 Conference Valpey Fisher Corporation (NASDAQ: VPF) a leading provider of high performance integrated products for timing and frequency control applications, introduces the VFOV650, the newest addition to its OCXO product line. The VFOV650 provides excellent performance and utilizes Valpey Fisher’s unique crystal heating system to save cost making it less expensive than conventional oven oscillators.

At 600 milliwatts the VFOV650 consumes significantly less power than most standard OCXOs. It is built in a space-saving 13x20mm package and generates frequencies up to 52MHz. The VFOV650 has temp stability performance of ±10 ppb or better and has a typical phase noise floor of -170dBc/Hz.

“Today’s demanding applications like IEEE1588 and Sync-E demand high performance in small packages and at an affordable price,” said John Fortune, Director of Sales and Marketing at Valpey Fisher Corporation. “For more than 80 years, Valpey Fisher has been providing leading edge timing solutions for our customers and the VFOV650 is great addition to our family of high performance, cost saving oscillators.”

Valpey Fisher -- Eight Decades of Innovation in Oscillators :
Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO) are quartz oscillators that ensure excellent frequency stability by utilizing a temperature controlled chamber to maintain the resonator at a constant temperature. Valpey Fisher offers a complete line of high performance oven controlled oscillators (OCXO) available in industry standard packages as well as a family of unique low power designs. By supporting wide temperature ranges and high frequencies and delivering the lowest power and the best phase noise performance in the industry, Valpey Fisher’s OCXOs offer a competitive advantage to our customers. Customers worldwide use Valpey Fisher OCXOs to enable in a wide range of communications applications/technologies including point-to-point radio, satellite base stations, commercial and military microwave, radar and synthesizer reference, GPS, guidance systems, as well as test & measurement systems.

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