The following booth numbers are complete as of August 20, 2004.

Test Software

The InterLab® program is available in three different versions including InterLab Solo, Professional (two to five users) and Enterprise (over five users). With InterLab, only one tool is necessary to make engineering processes, test and measurement procedures and information management processes more efficient. Measurement and test results are stored in an information system, so that reports and documentations can be generated automatically within seconds. InterLab works with any kind of test cases and equipment.

7 layers AG,
Ratingen, Germany
+49 (0) 2102 749 0,
Booth H98

Test Bench, Source and Measurement Capabilities

These wireless test bench, source and measurement capabilities are designed for the Advanced Design System (ADS) 2004A EDA software. These capabilities enable simulation of wireless designs to WLAN, 3GPP and TD-SCDMA standards. These capabilities allow RF circuit designers to quickly and accurately verify subsystem performance in wireless communications products. The new ADS 2004A capabilities include configurable DSP-based modulated sources with RF and baseband outputs, a set of measurement expressions and a range of wireless test benches for 3GPP, WLAN and TD-SCDMA technologies. Price: $8,400.00.

Agilent Technologies EEsof Division,
Palo Alto, CA
(800) 829-4444,
Booth H17/18

Substrate Measurement System

This substrate measurement system (SMS) is a resonator-based system for the characterization of uncoated laminates. The system conveniently avoids the processing of test structures on the PCB sample under test. It consists of a mechanical setup and software for processing the results obtained from a network analyzer. The extended SMS version introduces new types of resonator structures, providing the possibility of evaluating permittivity and loss tangent of samples now for frequencies ranging from 700 MHz to 13 GHz.

AC Microwave GmbH,
Aachen, Germany
Booth H41

Spectrum Analyzer Module

This series of portable spectrum analyzers includes band-specific analyzers for PCS, DCS and GSM mobile repeater and base station management applications. The series also includes 800 MHz to 2.5 GHz and 1 MHz to 3.5 GHz broadband versions. While being compact and lightweight, the series offers 90 dB dynamic range with low power consumption.

Actipass Co. Ltd.,
Hwasung-Si Kyunggi-Do, Korea
Booth H45

Wideband Noise and Jitter Analyzer

The model PN9500 is a wideband noise and jitter analyzer. This modular PN9500 has low residual noise floor (0.001 picoseconds) in any jitter test instrument and is capable of measuring phase noise up to 500 MHz. This model provides good performance for engineers who are designing digital chips, measuring clock devices, manufacturing memory devices, or charged with improving a network’s system performance. Price: $37,500.

Aeroflex Inc.,
Plainview, NY
(516) 694-6700,
Booth H76

High Performance Signal Generators

These major enhancements to the high performance signal generators (PSG) extend the frequency range to 67 GHz for analog models and to 44 GHz for vector models. The PSG analog signal generators include the E8257D models with frequency ranges of 50 and 67 GHz, complementing the current 20 and 40 GHz versions. The PSG vector signal generators include the E8267D models with frequency ranges of 32 and 44 GHz. Price: model E8257D – $52,800; model E8267D32 – $120,000.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,
Palo Alto, CA
(800) 829-4444,
Booth H17/18

Test and Measurement Tools

These test solutions include model MS2721A, a handheld spectrum analyzer and the Signature model MS2781A, a high performance signal analyzer. These tools enable engineers to design and manufacture advanced RF and microwave communications systems. The MS2721A is a fully functional handheld spectrum analyzer that is designed to conduct highly accurate analysis of wireless signals, including 802.11a, 3G, ultra-wideband and WiMAX, up to 7 GHz. The MS2781A signal analyzer marks the company’s entry into the high performance signal analyzer market.

Anritsu Ltd.,
Bedfordshire, UK
(+44) 1582 43 3433,
Booth H35/36

Circuit Simulation Software

Nexxim™ is a circuit simulation software that delivers capacity, robustness, accuracy and speed for RF/mixed-signal IC and high performance signal integrity applications. Nexxim addresses the increasingly complex, nonlinear and full wave circuit behavior of RF CMOS, GaAs/SiGe RF ICs, gigabit computer and communication backplane design. Nexxim, when combined with Ansoft Designer™, HFSS™ and Q3D Extractor™, provides a complete RF/AMS circuit design solution that is commercially available.

Ansoft Corp.,
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 261-3200,
Booth H53/54

Design Flow System

This RF-IC design flow system includes the RF design tool and RF-IC design link, uniting the RF-IC and analog simulator, a broad range of analysis and optimization functions, and an interface with Cadence and Mentor Graphics IC design tools. The RF-IC design link transfers design data flexibility between Cadence or Mentor Graphics flows and the Editor, producing a complete, accurate and integrated set of analog and RF simulation methods. Once initialized, the interface process is completely transparent to the user.

APLAC Solutions Corp.,
Espoo, Finland
+358 9 540 450 00,
Booth H50

10 W Broadband Amplifier

The model 10S4G11 is a 10 W broadband amplifier that joins the 1 and 5 W versions. With a frequency response of 4 to 10.6 instantaneously, this amplifier gives users room to grow as specifications and requirements demand higher frequencies. As the wireless market continues to operate at higher frequencies and EMC also requires higher frequencies, this new family of solid-state amplifiers is ready to meet the emerging standards.

AR Worldwide,
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181,
Booth H33

Channel Simulator

The SmartSim is a real-time channel simulator that reduces test costs and time to market. Through the intuitive GUI it is possible to design the environment model with definable movement path, noise factor and interferers. The channel models are based on COST 259 and 273. The simulator is scalable from 1 to 8 channels in one rack and up to 8 racks for a true 8×8 MIMO system.

ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH,
Vienna, Austria
+43 (0) 5 0550 4129,
Booth H104

Microwave and RF Systems

These microwave and RF systems are designed for aeronautic and space, radar for civil and military, telecommunications and industrial. The engineers are able to design and manufacture a wide range of RF and microwave equipment. Product inventory from the catalog as well as custom DC to 40 GHz are currently available. Solutions include signal simulation, test benches, switching matrixes, airborne radar simulation equipment, test generators, and waveguide and coaxial subsystems.

Chelton Telecom and Microwave,
Cedex, France
+33 (0) 1 69 02 25 60,
Booth H68

High Q Ceramic Resonators

These high Q ceramic resonators can be designed with resonant frequencies in the range of 1 to 80 GHz and feature loaded Q-values of up to 2000. The resonators feature good temperature stability over the range from –55° to +125°C. The use of a proprietary low loss ceramic material has enabled the size to be minimized without sacrificing the high Q value. This makes the resonators a good alternative to conventional resonators and ideal for use in the design of ultra-low phase noise voltage-controlled oscillators.

Dielectric Labs Inc.,
Cazenovia, NY
(315) 655-8710,
Booth H167

Sonnet Integration

The Sonnet Integration is specifically designed for those who prefer to use Sonnet’s EM simulator. Sonnet Integration provides a transparent connection between the GENESYS environment and the Sonnet family of simulation products. This integration works directly from the GENESYS layout editor; it is not necessary to copy the layout to another window to complete the simulation. This co-simulation, previously offered only with EMPOWER, the built-in EM simulator of GENESYS, adds new power to the Sonnet EM simulators.

Eagleware Corp.,
Norcross, GA
(678) 291-0995,
Booth H85

mm-wave Digital Radio

This ElvaLink PPC-100 series of mm-wave digital radios provides full-duplex fast Ethernet 100 Mbps connectivity to a wide variety of applications for carrier-class cellular infrastructure and broadband wireless networks. An IP-packet transparent ElvaLink wireless bridge can be easily deployed in point-to-point topology using either 100BaseTx or the optional 100BaseFx fiber optic connector. During the promotion, through December 20, 2004, the PPC-100 100 Mbps links will be offered for a three-month free trial in the continental US.

Elva-1 Millimeter Wave Division,
St. Petersburg, Russia
+7 812 326 5924,
Booth H110

Injection Moulded Absorbers and Dielectric Materials

These compounds with magnetic and dielectric properties are used with injection moulding and thermal compression techniques for production of high quantities. The injection moulding technique was introduced in order to improve part cost over traditional machining of customized shaped parts. Standard dimensional tolerances can be maintained with moulding techniques. Within the magnetically loaded compounds, the applications include absorber termination loads, attenuators, absorber covers and housings. Dielectric loaded compounds are customized in function of the required permittivity, temperature and mechanical stability.

Emerson & Cuming
Microwave Products N.V.,
Westerlo, Belgium
+32 14-56 25 00,
Booth H82

High Gain Omni Antenna

This high gain omni antenna is designed for the Link16 band and operates in a frequency range of 960 to 1215 MHz. This antenna offers a 7 dBi gain that nearly doubles the range of a system constrained by output power. There is less than ±1° azimuth ripple across the band.

European Antennas Ltd.,
Suffolk, UK
+44 (0) 1638 731888,
Booth H68

Slim-line Downconverter

This slim-line downconverter features integrated bandpass filters for SSB operation. The device offers high image rejection of > 65 dBc typical and large spurious free dynamic range in conjunction with a typical noise figure of 9 dB. The device requires an external LO source of 14.4 GHz. The device also offers space saving advantages, with an overall depth measurement of only 10 mm. The unit is screened for MIL-SPEC standards of thermal and vibration test. Customized versions are available upon request.

Farran Technology Ltd.,
Cork, Ireland
+353 21 4810004,
Booth H106

Frequency Synthesizer

The model EL20G213007 is a frequency synthesizer with a digital control. This synthesizer is designed for military and commercial applications. Its upper operating frequency is 13.871.5 MHz ±0.3 and its lower operating frequency is 13.360.0 MHz ±0.3, with frequency tuning steps of 0.5 MHz ±0.3. The synthesizer operates at 6 V, with a minimum output power of 5 mW; its power consumption is 350 mA.

Elsys Electronic Systems,
Poltava, Ukraine
+38 0532 50 13 72,
Booth H176


The model FPD4000AF is a high power, flange mount packaged PHEMT device that is ideally suited for power applications in L-band. The high power flange mount package has been optimized for low electrical parasitics and optimal heatsinking. Typical applications include drivers or output stages in PCS/cellular base station transmitter amplifiers, as well as other power applications in WLL/WLAN amplifiers. The FPD4000AF is a 4 W (typical 36.5 dBm) device that features good linearity and efficiency at frequencies through 4 GHz.

Filtronic Compound
Semiconductor Inc.,
Cupertino, CA
(408) 850-5790,
Booth H84/69

EM Simulator

The micro-stripes v6.5 is an EM simulator that offers octree meshing and delivers increased accuracy with significantly reduced run-time. Octree meshing progressively and automatically lumps together computational cells in regions remote from geometric detail. The ultimate size of the lumped cells is limited only by the local permittivity, permeability and highest frequency of interest. Critical but electrically small detail can be captured with an exceedingly high resolution mesh, while the octree meshing reduces the total cell-count by an order of magnitude.

Flomerics Ltd.,
Surrey, UK
+44 (0) 20 8941 8810,
Booth H28

RF-3D Localization System

The wireless tracking (WITRACK) is an RF-3D localization system for objects or persons in
motion. Presently, the system is used in soccer, but is also applicable to the logistic, robotic, sports or production-sector. The institute carries out the entire development of the system. The technology can be utilized in the fields of RF design, antenna design, optical communication and analogue, and digital IC design.

Fraunhofer Institut Integrierte,
Erlangen, Germany
+49 (0) 91 3177 60,
Booth H34

1 W Power Amplifier

The model HMC409LP4 is an MMIC power amplifier that delivers +30 dBm of output P1dB, and 30 dB of gain from 3.3 to 3.6 GHz. This makes it ideal for Customer Premise Equipment and Access Point applications in broadband wireless access systems including WLL and WiMAX. The HMC409LP4 is fabricated on a high reliability InGaP HBT process, and its design consumes 630 mA from a +5 V supply, while achieving 2.5 percent EVM at +21 dBm output power. Size: 4 × 4 mm.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA
(978) 250-3343,
Booth H46/43

PIN Diode Switch

The model 50S-1352 is a high power, RF hot switch that covers cellular, PCS and UMTS
frequencies. This model is a 1P2T, PIN diode switch that is capable of switching up to 50 W with the power on. Solid-state construction, low insertion loss of 0.9 dB maximum, and an operating frequency range of 800 to 2500 MHz make it a good fit for both laboratory test and base station applications. Connector options include SMA, TNC and N with custom designs also available.

JFW Industries Inc.,
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 887-1340,
German Pavilion

Semi-rigid Coaxial Cable

This semi-rigid coaxial cable is available in 0.034", 0.047", 0.085" and 0.141" sizes. The ca-
ble is offered in bare copper, silver-plated copper, tin-plated copper and tin-plated aluminum versions. There are no minimum order requirements and large stock ensures short lead times.

JyeBao Co. Ltd.,
Taipei Shien, Taiwan
Booth H80

0.5, 1 and 2 W Amplifiers

This family of 0.5, 1 and 2 W amplifiers is designed for commercial base station and re-peater infrastructure applications. The model SMA2001 is a broadband, high dynamic cascadable amplifier with a low noise figure of 2.5 dB and high IP3 of 36.5 dB. The model PA2001 is a 1 W RF linear driver amplifier with a low noise figure of 2 dB and a high OIP3 level of +46.5 dBm. The model PA2003 is a 2 W RF linear driver amplifier with a low noise figure of 2.1 dB and a high OIP3 level of +49 dBm.

M/A-COM Inc.,
Lowell, MA
(978) 442-5000,
Booth H139/130

MEMS Relay

This relay is based on MEMS technology and provides low power DC switching up to high
frequency switching between 0 to 6 GHz at an insertion loss < 0.5 dB at 6 GHz. The fully electromagnetic polarized coil system offers a latching function and switching at a driving voltage of 3 V. This results in a HF relay based on silicon technology with 1A1B contacts and high contact reliability. Size: 4 × 2.5 × 1.3 mm.

Matsushita Electric Works Benelux B.V.,
Best, The Netherlands
+31 (0) 499-372 727,
Booth H141

RF Absorber Lid

This RF absorber lid is a solution for the resonance-free packaging of fiber optic, microwave and millimeter-wave devices. An electromagnetic-wave absorber can be mounted in the package. These RF absorbers have high heat resistance and little or no outgassing, by utilizing its own ceramic, resin and glass technologies. Lids made of the RF absorber and pre-coated with a seal epoxy are available as well as metal lids with the RF absorber pre-attached, so that customers can employ sealing methods.

Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH,
Esslingen, Germany
+49 711 9393414,
Booth H59

Desktop Plating System

This MiniContac S is a compact, environmentally-friendly electroplating solution. The Mini-Contac S desktop electroplating system is the latest member of the in-house prototyping family. The compact through-hole plating system complements the C-class of circuit board plotters. Together they provide an inexpensive, complete in-house circuit board prototyping solution that can fit on a table top, eliminating the need for external board production services.

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG,
Garbsen, Germany
+49 (0) 5131-7095-324,
Booth H55

USB-based Tuner Controller

The SMARTHUB is a versatile USB-based tuner controller that allows customers to configure a load pull and noise parameter measurement set-up using mechanical as well as solid-state tuners. This controller is compatible with ATN solid-state and mechanical tuners for NP and LP set-ups. This approach allows pre-matching for maximum VSWR, ultra-fast and accurate noise measurement within application specific system configuration.

Maury Microwave Corp.,
Ontario, CA
(909) 987-4715,
Booth H128

38 GHz Diplexer

This compact seven-cavity waveguide diplexer (T/R spacing = 1260 MHz) offers an insertion loss of 1.5 dB maximum over 500 MHz bandwidth in a temperature range between –45° and +70°C. Size: 100 × 40 × 15 mm including tuning screw height. Interface ports are R320.

MF Componenti SRL,
S. Giovanni in Persiceto, Italy
(+39) 051-68121,
Booth H173

Flip Chip Devices

These flip chip devices address a wide range of applications and customer requirements by providing high quality components over a broad range of frequencies. Whether in need of a varactor, Schottky or a PIN diode, the company has a range of products to cover all design requirements.

Microwave Device Technology,
Westford, MA (978) 692-7800,
Booth H42

Solid-state Power Amplifiers

The AM49 series of solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA) is designed for use in Satcom up-link applications. These amplifiers are available with powers of +43 to +47 dBm in the frequency band of 7.9 to 14.5 GHz and typical bandwidths of 500 MHz. These units can be specified in module or 19” rack form. The SSPAs feature unconditional stability, forward power detector, TTL enable/disable, RF monitor, temperature compensation and output isolator.

Microwave Amplifiers Ltd.,
North Somerset, England, UK
+44 (0) 1275 853196,
Booth H120/121

Design and Optimization Tool

The version 6.0 of WASP-NET meets the quests of power users for a new quality of CAD and optimization efficiency by utilizing the hybrid MM/FE/MoM/FD technique. This technique combines the speed and flexibility advantages of four solvers in one single tool. Features include: user-defined arbitrary 3D-black-box elements enhancing the flexibility of WASP-Net; direct full-wave synthesis of combline and cross-coupled filters by extended filter wizards; ex-and import compatibility with common field solvers; a full set of ridged waveguide components; and arbitrarily shaped apertures and radiation pattern optimization.

Microwave Innovation Group
GmbH & Co. KG (MiG),
Bremen, Germany
+49 421 22 37 96 60,
Booth H135b

Voltage-controlled Oscillator

The model 9OSC0313 is a gallium arsenide hetero-bipolar transistor monolithic microwave integrated circuit voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO). This VCO uses an off-chip resonator to generate output signals from 6 to 12 GHz. The circuit consists of a linear Lange coupler based phase-shifter, a Lange coupler based quadrature generator, a differential amplifier, a four-quadrant I/Q modulator and an output buffer differential amplifier. From 6 to 12 GHz, this VCO achieves +6 dBm output power and –100 dBc/Hz phase noise at 100 kHz offset, with 300 MHz instantaneous tuning range achieved through use of an external RF filter.

Mimix Broadband Inc.,
Houston, TX
(281) 988-4600,
Booth H40

WCDMA Modules

This series of 4×4 mm power amplifier modules is designed for WCDMA with good efficiency and quiescent current of 35 mA. As WCDMA handsets operate mostly at low output power the quiescent current is of high importance. These positive results were achieved by a new HBT structure and optimized circuit design. The WCDMA modules are available in two bands BA01232: 1920 to 1980 MHz and BA01231: 830 to 840 MHz.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe,
Ratingen, Germany
+49 2102 486 6440,
Booth H26/27

Polarizing Radomes

These polarizing radomes are designed for a variety of antenna system applications. These lightweight structures are available for operation over 3:1 bandwidths from 2 to 44 GHz, and can be integrated into antenna radome structures efficiently. RF power handling is 10 W cm2 minimum while thickness and weight per square inch are frequency and performance dependent. This family of polarizers converts linearly polarized signals to circular polarized signals.

Nurad Technologies Inc.,
Baltimore, MD
(410) 542-1700,
Booth H68

Thin Film Hybrid Circuits

This solid copper filled via technology is designed for thin film substrates such as Al2O3, AlN or soft substrates. This via technology, due to the filling with pure solid copper without any additional components like glass offers better heat conductivity and heat transfer. This makes it suitable for semiconductors in high power applications as heat transfer element from die to heat sink. In the RF and microwave field the advantage of this technology is found in the conductivity performance for resistance, capacitance and inductance parameters.

Reinhardt Microtech AG,
Wangs, Switzerland
+41 81 720 04 56,
Booth H74

Low Noise Amplifiers

These PHEMT low noise amplifiers (LNA) are gain block, linear wideband, two-stage and MCM balanced SMT package hybrid amplifiers. These LNAs do not require additional parts, matching or testing. The amplifiers offer a noise figure of 0.6 to 2.7 dB, IP3 of 27 to 45 dBm, gain of 12 to 33 dB and a frequency range of DC to 6 GHz.

Anyang, Korea
Booth H175

Quad Flat No-lead Packages

These air cavity liquid crystal polymer (LCP) quad flat no-lead (QFN) packages support epoxy die attach and can be MSL level 1 compliant. The multi-up leadframe format provides high density assembly and a flat lid sealing surface that improves assembly yields. These high performance packages are capable of handling power levels of > 10 W and frequencies into the millimeter-wave band.

RJR Polymers Inc.,
Oakland, CA
(510) 638-5901,
Booth H122

High Performance Laminates

The model RO3035™ is a high frequency material that offers low DK 3.5 material. This material is ideal for power amplifier designs, not only because of the low loss, but also because of its high thermal conductivity and availability with thick metal backing. These features make the material ideal for designs with critical power and thermal requirements. The RT/duroid® 6202 material provides the key feature of improved dimensional stability while supporting the highest performance requirements for the most demanding applications for frequencies of 3 to over 90 GHz.

Rogers Corp.,
Rogers, CT
(860) 774-9605,
Booth H96/93

Vector Signal Analysis

The model FSQ40 is a broadband vector signal analyzer that analyzes and measures digitally modulated signals of up to 40 GHz in the frequency, time and modulation domains. It provides universal demodulation, analysis and documentation functionalities for digital radio signals down to bit stream level. Demodulation bandwidth is 28 MHz in the basic configuration, but can be expanded up to 120 MHz. The vector signal analyzer supports important radio standards at a keystroke and is suitable for use in development and production.

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG,
München, Germany
+49 89 4129-13779,
Booth H15

Microstrip Connectors

These flexible microstrip connectors (FMC) are designed for PCB applications in the tightest spaces. Using coaxial bullets, radial and axial misalignments of board-to-board connections are compensated for. The FMC interface design allows for misalignment by maintaining constant electrical integrity of the entire connection. FMC’s sizes allow board-to-board connections with distances smaller than 7 mm. These connectors can be used up to 10 GHz, with a temperature range from –55° to +155°C. The maximum soldering temperature is 260°C.

Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik
GmbH and Co. KG,
Fridolfing, Germany
+49 (0) 8684 18-263,
Booth H57

Low Expansion Carrier Plates

These commercial quantities of rolled Al-Si alloy sheets (Osprey CE17) are available in thicknesses down to 0.040". These sheets can be used in applications where the reduced coefficient of expansion and increased stiffness can reduce warping due to thermal mismatch with the PCB material. The alloy can also be used to replace copper where reduced weight and improved machinability are required.

Sandvik Osprey Ltd.,
Neath, UK
+44 (0) 1639 634121,
Booth H117

Passive Components

These passive components are based on a new patent pending technology. This technology offers ultra-low loss, linear phase response and minimal group delay ripple (good pulse fidelity). The series consists of bias tees, DC blocks, DC feeders and DC returns, and is available for three frequency ranges of up to 45, 65 and 110 GHz with 2.92, 1.85 and 1 mm connectors.

SHF Communication Technologies AG,
Berlin, Germany
+49 30 7 72 05 10,
Booth H125

Rotary Joints

The models I-, L- and U-style are wideband rotary joints at the Ku-band. These rotary
joints are an efficient solution to all models that cover the whole frequency band of 10.75 to 14.5 GHz with good performance. The joints offer an insertion loss of less than 0.20 dB and high power capability. The modern designs are for high efficiency manufacturing and when combined with a smart logistics, allow short lead times for high quality.

Sivers Lab AB,
Sweden +46 8 477 68 00,
Booth H68

Electromagnetic EDA Software

This high frequency 3D planar electromagnetic EDA software offers EM tools for MMIC, RFIC, multi-layer circuit and planar filter analysis. The Sonnet Professional Release 10 includes a new integrated Sonnet interface to the Cadence Virtuoso Suite, and a new broadband SPICE model extractor, BBExtract™. This release also offers availability under Linux (RedHat and SuSE), enabling EM analysis job sizes of up to 3 GB, integrated 3D viewing of circuit geometry and surface current density, and DC S-parameter analysis.

Sonnet Software Inc.,
North Syracuse, NY
(315) 453-3096,
Booth H86

RF Power Amplifier

The model SM3436-47L is a GaAs FET amplier that is designed for 3G, fixed broadcast wireless applications. The unit operates from 3.4 to 3.6 GHz with a P1dB of +47 dBm and an OIP3 of +64 dBm. Small signal gain is 53 dB with a flatness of ±0.5 dB across the band. Standard features include a single +12 VDC supply, thermal protection with auto reset and over/reverse voltage protection. Size: 7.5" × 3.97" × 0.79".

Stealth Microwave Inc.,
Trenton, NJ (888) 772-7791,
Booth H154

Multi-contact Assemblies

This connector solution is designed for rack-and-panel, module-to-module and module-to-motherboard applications. SMP, BMA, BMMA, BMZ and BZ blindmate connectors can be mounted in standard or custom shells. Fixed mount BMA connectors accommodate up to 0.030” axial and 0.008” total connector radial misalignment safely through 12 GHz. The external spring mechanisms of float mount versions provide even higher axial and radial misalignment tolerances. Low profile connectors offer a solution where space is at a premium. Custom cable assemblies are also available.

SV Microwave Inc.,
West Palm Beach, FL
(561) 840-1800,
Booth H75

Non-woven Microwave Substrate

This non-woven microwave substrate can be used to create low loss structures both with single dielectric layers and multiple layers. Good copper-foil adhesion allows small-feature resolution and the composition of the dielectric facilitates clean laser ablation for micro-via and component-cavity formation. The use of metal-plate such as 1 mm copper helps maintain dimensional stability and provides sound ground plane and ideal heat-sinking properties.

Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division,
Mullingar, Co.
Westmeath, Ireland
+353 44 38300,
Booth H81/72

Labyrinth RFI Screening

This labyrinth and lid RFI screening is a board-level multi-cavity shielding concept that is the result of increasing demand on design and development teams associated with the screening of RF and microwave circuitry. The technique successfully resolves issues relating to EMC, cross talk, PCB real estate, overall product size, access for rework and production cost. Labyrinth screening delivers a host of advantages, which include low cost tooling; fast turnaround of initial design and changes; high quality finish; and half-etched bend lines for easy assembly.

Tecan Ltd.,
Dorset, UK
+44 (0) 1305 765432,
Booth H127

Pulse Traveling-wave Tube

This line of pulse traveling-wave tubes (TWT) offers broad bandwidth, high peak power and duty cycle. These TWTs have three-stage collectors for high efficiency and improved thermal characteristics. These new models include 2 to 4 GHz, 4 to 8 GHz and 8 to 12 GHz at 5.5 kW peak, 8 percent duty and 12 to 18 GHz, 4 kW peak and 8 percent duty.

Teledyne MEC, Vacuum Electronics,
Rancho Cordova, CA
(916) 636-7415,
Booth H13

Surface-mount Technology Relays

These surface-mount technology (SMT) relays target integrity for high speed data and low level RF signal switching, high power or redundancy switching for base station assemblies, long component life and high MTBFs. This has led to new models including SMT relays GRF172 (up to 2.5 GHz), GRF300/303 (up to 4 GHz), GRF342 (up to 5 GHz) and at the top of the frequency range is RF522.

Teledyne Relays,
Quickborn, Germany
+49 4106 7684-0,
Booth H13

Ultra Wideband Power Amplifier

The model TGA2509-FL is an ultra wideband power amplifier with adjustable gain control in a 10-leaded flange package. The TGA2509-FL is ideally suited for many military and commercial amplifier applications including electronic warfare, electronic counter measures, radar, test equipment, VSAT and digital radio. The packaged TGA2509-FL delivers 15 dB of small signal gain, P1dB of 30 dBm and 25 dB of AGC across the 2 to 16 GHz band. Output power across 2 to 20 GHz is typically 28 dBm.

TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.,
Hillsboro, OR
(503) 615-9000,
Booth H61

Software Suite

The CONCERTO software suite is primarily for microwave and RF applications and has been restructured to offer all three main analysis techniques in the QUICKWAVE, SOPRANO and CLASP modules. This gives a user the best technique for applications including antennas, microwave components, filters, cavities, EMC and radar signatures. User interface and data input modules feature a 3D modeler, automatic grid generation, and a parameterization model facility including library and optimizer allowing the user to quickly arrive at an optimal design.

Vector Fields Ltd.,
Oxford, UK
+44 (0) 1865 370151,
Booth H97

Microwave Test Assemblies

The PHASEFLEX® test assemblies are designed to optimize the performance of a test system while reducing cost of test and ownership. These test assemblies, with performance through 110 GHz, offer torque and crush resistance, as well as stability with flexure and temperature, all while remaining flexible. These flexible assemblies offer virtually no springback, allowing for easy test set-up and minimizing stresses on devices under test, probe tips and adapters.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.,
Elkton, MD
(800) 445-4673,
Booth H24

Epi Wafer Growth Techniques

These molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) epi wafer growth techniques on GaAs and InP are for wireless, broadband, microwave communications, and high speed networking and optoelectronic applications. Based on customer’s proprietary designed layer structures, the company manufactures 3- to 6-inch PHEMT, MESFET, MHEMT, InP-based HEMT, laser diode, PhotoDetector and QWIP epitaxial wafers.

XPERT Semiconductor Inc.,
Taiwan, China
Booth H25

Simulation and Optimization Package

The release of the IE3D 10.2 is an EM simulation and optimization package. In addition to the implementation of full 3D modeling capability in IE3D 10.1, the IE3D 10.2 implements new features. These include an ultra-fast adaptive optimizer; integration of the ADIX into MGRID with improved IE3D, DXF, ACIS and GERBER bi-directional conversion; near field to far field transformation; and calculation of transfer function between Tx and Rx antennas.

Zeland Software Inc.,
Fremont, CA
(510) 623-7162,
Booth H41