Test Software

The InterLab® program is available in three different versions including InterLab Solo, Professional (two to five users) and Enterprise (over five users). With InterLab, only one tool is necessary to make engineering processes, test and measurement procedures and information management processes more efficient. Measurement and test results are stored in an information system, so that reports and documentations can be generated automatically within seconds. InterLab works with any kind of test cases and equipment.

Budget Analysis Capability

This budget analysis capability in its Advanced Design System (ADS) 2004A electronic design automation (EDA) software enables engineers to design RF systems more quickly and accurately. This software feature predicts RF system performance by considering specification trade-offs, such as impedance mismatch versus gain, earlier in the design cycle. Agilent ADS software offers a complete set of front-to-back simulation and layout tools and instrument links for RF and microwave IC design in a single, integrated design flow. The budget analysis feature supports multiple hierarchy and transistor-level subnetworks, allowing system and circuit designers to analyze designs in a single environment using a wide range of system and circuit components.

Circuit Simulation Software

Nexxim™ is a circuit simulation software that delivers capacity, robustness, accuracy and speed for RF/mixed-signal IC and high performance signal integrity applications. Nexxim addresses the increasingly complex, nonlinear and full wave circuit behavior of RF, CMOS, GaAs/SiGe RF ICs, gigabit computer and communication backplane design. Nexxim, when combined with Ansoft Designer,™ HFSS™ and Q3D Extractor,™ provides a complete RF/AMS circuit design solution that is commercially available.

Design Flow System

This RFIC design flow system includes the RF design tool and RFIC design link, uniting the RFIC and analog simulator, a broad range of analysis and optimization functions, and an interface with Cadence and Mentor Graphics IC design tools. The RFIC design link transfers design data flexibility between Cadence or Mentor Graphics flows and the Editor, producing a complete, accurate and integrated set of analog and RF simulation methods. Once initialized, the interface process is completely transparent to the user.

Load Pull Software

These load pull characterization techniques can now be more closely synchronized with device modeling practices using release LP205002.20040928 of the company’s load pull software. This release adds pulsed RF and pulsed bias control capabilities. With the appropriate hardware, a pulsed capable VNA such as the Agilent 85108 or E836xA/B and a pulsed DC source such as the company’s AU2400 series of pulse modulators, device engineers can now take pulsed DC characteristics as well as pulsed RF S-parameter and other large signal characteristics. This software also includes a number of other enhancements such as improved capabilities to interface to Agilent VSAs and the acquisition of load pull parameters under CDMA2000, 802.11a/b/g, WCDMA and other OFDM type modulations.

Open Resonator Software

This Cavity™ software package performs calibration and complete instrument control of common network analyzers when used with DI open resonators. Software identifies empty cavity modes to calibrate the setup. The program includes a predictor, which helps to identify desired modes when the sample is loaded. When measurement is complete, dielectric constant and loss tangent data are automatically processed. The open resonator is a microwave/mm-wave device that is sensitive and can measure thin low loss materials. The program can be used to measure subtle differences in in-plane anisotropy that are caused by the way in which materials are manufactured.

Capacitor Design Tool

This CAPCAD™ software is both a web-based and standalone downloadable capacitor design tool that provides S-parameters, schematic representations, Spice models and part numbers for microwave engineers. The program allows the user to design both single layer and multilayer capacitors in an easy-to-use graphical environment. A graph feature allows engineers to quickly retrieve and plot accurate performance data using its user-friendly interface. Once a capacitor value has been chosen, its S-parameters can be easily downloaded for modeling in other third party simulation software.

Sonnet Integration

The Sonnet Integration is specifically designed for those who prefer to use Sonnet’s EM simulator. Sonnet Integration provides a transparent connection between the GENESYS environment and the Sonnet family of simulation products. This integration works directly from the GENESYS layout editor; it is not necessary to copy the layout to another window to complete the simulation. This co-simulation, previously offered only with EMPOWER, the built-in EM simulator of GENESYS, adds new power to the Sonnet EM simulators.

CLR Library

This CLR library for Ansoft Designer contains measurement-based, substrate-scalable models for thousands of passive components, and is available for Agilent ADS, AWR Microwave Office and Eagleware GENESYS. The company also offers libraries of diode and transistor models, and custom measurement services.

On-line Assembler Software

This on-line assembler™ software is installed on a company’s Web site and allows visitors to quickly draw standard or custom products. When drawings of sub-components are clicked on within the outer menus, they are instantly added to the drawing in a central window. After assembling the drawing, the visitor completes a form with dimensional and performance requirements. When the form is submitted, a user will receive an e-mail with the form data and the drawing, providing all the information needed to generate a quotation quickly and easily.

Frequency Intermodulation Software

F-Intermod software calculates intermodulation products for up to 500 Tx and Rx frequencies ranging from 0.00001 MHz to 999,999.9999 MHz. Output is available on the computer monitor or to a printer. This software is compatible with Windows 98, NT, XP, ME, 2000 systems. A free 21-day fully functional demo is available for downloading from the Web site at www.telecomengineering.com.

Data Acquisition Software

DAC Express 3.0 is the latest release of the company’s easy-to-use, no programming required, data acquisition software. This software makes data acquisition as simple as 1-2-3. 1. Setup 2. Record 3. View. This ease-of-use comes with many high performance features including dual sample rates of up to 196 kHz for high speed channels (model VT1433B) and 1.5 KSa/sec/ch scans per second for low speed data (model VT1413). Digital inputs are supported with model VT1419A and model VT1533A signal conditioning plug-on. Tachometer input of model VT1432A-AYF, model VT1419A and model VT1538A enhance frequency/totalize/PWM signal conditioning plug-on are easily displayed as numeric readouts, meters, bar graphs or strip charts.