Mician GmbH, Bremen, Germany, introduces Version 6.0 of the company's EM-software tool μWave Wizard™. The new release provides the seamless integration of 3D FEM simulation technology into the existing mode-matching and 2D FEM framework. This includes optimization, full 3D visualization of the electromagnetic fields, calculation of material and finite wall conductivity losses. The consideration of draft angles for die-casting technology and the modeling of arbitrarily shaped probes in cavities will be possible with new, flexible library elements. User-defined geometries can now be imported as STL files. The mesh generation process is fully automated.

Existing features like the integrated formula editor have been improved and are now suitable even for enhanced equations. The element editor has been extended to manage elements with complex properties in an intuitive manner. The COM capabilities have been extended and provide new VBA commands to automate the μWave Wizard. The plug-in interface for the filter synthesis of combline filters developed by the WiComm Center at Gdansk Univerity of Technology is fully integrated.

Version 6.0 of the μWave Wizard will be released by the end of June 2006 and is being demonstrated in booth 1616.