Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rogers to Announce Important New Commercial Products

Chandler, AZ - Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG), a leading supplier of high frequency laminates for decades, will announce the launch of important new members to its family of advanced circuit materials at the IPC APEX EXPO ™ 2009, in Las Vegas, March 31st – April 2nd (Booth #511.)

In addition, visitors to the booth will get the opportunity to spin "ROG's Wheel of Chance" for a possibility to enter an elite drawing for a new Sony PSP®-3000 or win one of a variety of smaller prizes—no one walks away empty-handed!

Rogers' Advanced Circuit Materials Division will also be showcasing materials especially targeted to meet next generation material requirements of the aerospace and defense industry:

RT/duroid® 5880LZ Laminates
RT/duroid 5880LZ material is a PTFE composite designed for exacting stripline and microstrip circuit applications. This ground-breaking filler system results in a low density (1.37 gm/cm3), lightweight material making it an ideal choice for high performance weight sensitive applications such as airborne antennas. RT/duroid 5880LZ laminate has a dielectric constant (Dk) of 1.96 @ 10 GHz, providing the lowest Dk of a copper clad microwave material available today. In addition, the dielectric constant is uniform from panel-to-panel and constant over a wide frequency range. Its low dissipation factor extends the usefulness of RT/duroid 5880LZ to Ku-band and above.

RT/duroid 6202PR High Frequency Materials
RT/duroid 6202PR high frequency circuit material offers superior electrical and mechanical properties essential in designing complex microwave structures for planar resistor applications. Excellent dimensional stability (0.05 to 0.07 mils/inch) is achieved by the addition of a limited woven glass reinforcement. This enables the manufacture of very tight tolerance planar resistors.

In addition, the following well known commercial grade materials for high performance applications will be on display:

RO3000® laminates: Features low dielectric loss for high frequency applications; uniform mechanical properties, ideal for multi-layer board; as well as stable Dk versus frequency and temperature.

RO4000® circuit materials: Features excellent electrical properties with low Dk tolerance and loss; the best overall value for high frequency applications; low thermal coefficient of expansion (CTE) and excellent dimensional stability.

R/flex® 8080 Photoimageable Covercoat Materials: Designed to provide uniform coverage in mass production applications, the Rogers' R/flex 8080 enables printed circuit board manufacturers to achieve ultra-fine, high precision etch patterns that have traditionally been unattainable through conventional screen printing. The photoimageable covercoat materials provide outstanding imaging resolution, flexibility and creaseability, required for developing today's high-density flexible printed circuits.