Rohde & Schwarz is expanding the capabilities of its R&S FSMR measuring receiver by making a VOR/ILS signal-analysis option available. The R&S FS-K15 enables the instrument to perform a complete calibration of VOR/ILS signal generators without any add-on equipment. The R&S FSQ and the R&S FSU high-end analyzers can also be upgraded with the VOR/ILS analysis option. Thus, all of the instruments provide support for manufacturers that develop and maintain aeronautical transmitter systems. ILS (instrument landing system) and VOR (VHF omnidirectional radio) are essential for the safe navigation and landing of aircraft.

Because VOR/ILS systems must function flawlessly, they require very accurate measurement equipment. The R&S FSMR with the R&S FS-K15 option is used to calibrate VOR/ILS signal generators and generator parts of air navigation testers. The one-box solution is designed for calibration labs of airline companies, air-traffic-control authorities and the military. The R&S FSU and R&S FSQ high-end analyzers with the R&S FS-K15 are most often used in VOR/ILS development applications.

The extremely low measurement uncertainty of the new Rohde & Schwarz solution meets the strict requirements of ILS CAT III. The R&S FS-K15 option measures all key parameters of VOR/ILS signals with a high degree of reliability. Above all, this applies to the parameters ILS DDM (difference in depth of modulation) and VOR phase. The accuracy of the ILS DDM value determines the accuracy of ILS systems. VOR phase is crucial to precise en-route navigation.

Furthermore, the R&S FS-K15 option performs measurements on individual signal components and determines, for example, modulation depth and frequency. For ILS, measurement functions for modulation distortion and intermodulation distortion are also available. All results appear in a straightforward display and can be read at a glance.

The R&S FS-K15 is rounding out the Rohde & Schwarz VOR/ILS product portfolio. The company already supports manufacturers and operators of VOR/ILS ground equipment with the R&S EVS300 level and modulation analyzer. It is designed for measurements at airfields, airports and in measurement aircraft. The R&S SMA100A signal generator with the R&S SMA-K25 VOR/ILS option is used in development applications.

The R&S FS-K15 VOR/ILS option for the R&S FSMR measuring receiver and for the R&S FSQ and R&S FSU spectrum analyzers is now available from Rohde & Schwarz. A typical configuration consisting of the R&S FSMR and R&S FS-K15 starts at $ 83,290 in North America.