Presenting its industry-leading solutions under the slogan “Driven by connection”, Rohde & Schwarz will be welcoming visitors at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 24 to 27, 2020 in hall 6, Booth 6B30. The company will exhibit in an enlarged and newly designed show booth, covering not only various aspects of communications and connectivity, but also providing plenty of space for the visitors to connect and interact with the experts.

5G and wireless connectivity testing
A great deal of the Rohde & Schwarz booth space at MWC2020 is dedicated to 5G and wireless connectivity testing. The solutions address chipset vendors, mobile device OEMs and base station manufacturers, as well as test houses and certification authorities. The focus will be on 5G signaling and non-signaling testing solutions for FR1 and FR2 and for the product life cycle, starting from R&D, to acceptance and production. Highlights include the combination of the latest state-of-the-art mobile phone tester generation with shielded test chambers for over-the-air tests (OTA) to provide best in class performance in all 5G frequency ranges and over temperature. 5G waveform generation and analysis is another area in which Rohde & Schwarz is exhibiting a wide range of customized solutions for the test of components, modules or integrated systems in development and production of smart phones, IoT devices and base stations.

Mobile network testing
The emergence of 5G opens up possibilities for new applications such as smart factories, autonomous vehicles and virtual reality. These applications bring a requirement to verify a novel, more complex airinterface and test more demanding network performance criteria. At MWC2020, Rohde & Schwarz will display advanced mobile network testing solutions to support 5G network roll out from lab testing to field deployment. The solutions include coverage and performance testing for providing network operators, infrastructure vendors, service providers and telecoms regulators a deep insight into end-user QoE. They enable them to make well-informed investment decisions, maximizing the network performance and quality through accurate data acquisition, global-standard methodologies and high-quality data analysis based on machine learning.

IP network analytics
Application awareness is key to finding performance bottlenecks and to providing insights into data use in 1/3 order to improve network performance and security and to optimize policies. To address this, Rohde & Schwarz will demonstrate its OEM IP network analytics solutions including its market-leading deep packet inspection (DPI) engine, its software IP probe and the end-to-end telco analytics solution for full visibility of IP traffic.

Industry 4.0 network testing
The arrival of 5G is leading to a rapid increase of wireless communication technologies in industrial environments. This also places high demands on the availability and reliability of wireless systems. To help achieve these goals and secure a reliable connection, Rohde & Schwarz will demonstrate at MWC2020 how to best detect radio interference, measure coverage, optimize the network and monitor service quality of industrial networks.

Automotive connectivity testing
As autonomous driving necessitates wireless communication between vehicles and their surroundings, Rohde & Schwarz maximizes safety and reliability of C-V2X connections with its T&M solutions. The solutions presented in Barcelona will include PC5 Sidelink based C-V2X scenario testing of application layers in a lab environment. The company will also showcase its expertise in network and device testing with automotive dedicated solutions that ensure reliable vehicle connectivity. These applications serve as basis for traffic services in real time as well as future 5G based over-the-air updates.

5G Broadcast
5G will also enhance the mobile experience in media consumption since 5G Broadcast technology will offer the consumer a faster than ever connection to premium media content. Rohde & Schwarz has pioneered 5G Broadcast as one of the main pillars of the 5G ecosystem and at MWC2020 will demonstrate the world’s first comprehensive 5G Broadcast solution. Using 5G Broadcast, network operators can offload media and entertainment content from the data network, deliver over-the-air software and traffic updates, enable live sports and premium content with consistent high Quality-of-Service (QoS) and higher Quality of Experience (QoE), using a 60 km cell radius for maximum coverage. This end-to-end solution offers network operators and broadcasters revolutionary opportunities in new business areas while offloading data capacity to create high spectral efficiency and reduced costs.

Smart connectivity and software-defined WAN (SD-WAN)
Mega trends in a world of digital transformation such as IoT, industry 4.0, connected workplace and smart cities are affecting the processes of cooperation in an increasingly connected world. At MWC2020, LANCOM Systems, an independent subsidiary of the Rohde & Schwarz technology group, will demonstrate its knowhow as a leading vendor of secure, reliable and future-proof networking and firewall solutions. The company will display how its SD-WAN solutions made in Germany meet the challenges of digitalization, and which opportunities they offer for IoT, smart cities, eMobility and many other use cases in the context of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G. As an example of a future-oriented smart-city scenario powered by LANCOM SD-WAN, an innovative eMobility loadingbay will be showcased for the first time at MWC2020.

New technology also means new kinds of cyber threats that need to be addressed efficiently to ensure safe, efficiency-increasing use of mobile devices and networks. Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity is in the forefront of protecting networks, applications, devices and cloud services. At MWC2020, the company will present solutions for an effective protection of smartphones and tablets with secure access to business resources, centrally managed by an Enterprise Mobility Management/Mobile Device Management (EMM/MDM) system.

These and other topics can be discussed with the Rohde & Schwarz experts in hall 6, Booth 6B30. For more information about Rohde & Schwarz at Mobile World Congress 2020, go to