picoChip announced that it is expanding its technical support network with the establishment of a new office in Boston, MA. The company already has a sales office in San Jose, CA, and the new Boston office will act as a technical support center for North America. picoChip's multicore DSP has established it as the leading architecture for WiMAX infrastructure (16d upgradeable to 16e), and a key supplier to the emerging segment of HSDPA femtocells.

"North America is continuing to play a pivotal role in the development of our customer base. picoChip's East Coast technical center will balance our sales efforts by providing technical support on new opportunities as well as dedicated local support for existing customers on both WiMAX and 3G," said Tom McQuade, VP Sales North America. "We're hiring a small team of engineers to help us work with customers in North America. This will allow us to work closely with individual customers taking our reference designs to market and helping them to achieve the best results with picoChip's advanced development environment. We are proud of the depth of expertise delivered by our support team, and being in the same region is a clear advantage. Our customers have already responded very positively to the new office, which they see as confirming picoChip’s commitment to providing them with the best support possible."