Wichita, KS–January 29, 2008– Signal Safari™ V7.0, the latest evolution in a line of Aeroflex Signal Safari software, enables advanced analysis of complex communications signal environments. Signal Safari™ software is designed for use with Aeroflex broadband measurement instruments, including broadband signal and environment generators, analyzers, channel simulators and analysis workstations. This new version of Signal Safari™ software provides complete multi-dimensional testing operations and advanced analysis and data generation capabilities for complex wireless communication research and development, microwave testing, signal analysis and satellite communication link test.

Signal Safari™ addresses the need to reduce development cost within a demanding operational environment. The software allows test engineers to visualize and understand the entire operating environment, not just an isolated single test signal. Using Signal Safari™, engineers can develop a complete analysis of the signal and the system to avoid troublesome areas such as adjacent signal interference and impairments as well as visualize and understand the operation characteristics for instruments under test.

“Signal Safari™ is critical for reducing deployment costs of complex and expensive communication systems,” said Mark Prichard, business development technologist for Aeroflex. “Signal Safari™ takes many testing capabilities and integrates them into a single-instrument solution. This gives our customers the ultimate test flexibility.”

When used with the Aeroflex broadband measurement instruments, Signal Safari™ creates a powerful adaptive tool that allows the user to operate with the same interface as the application software installed on the instruments. Signal Safari™ software is available in three application configurations–signal analyzer, vector signal player and vector signal simulator.

The broadband signal analyzer software package offers the following analysis functions: · Modulation domain with multi-dimensional, coherent demodulation · Agile radio demodulation and analysis · Pulse (RADAR) analysis · Multi-bandwidth power domain analysis · Fixed and frequency agile analog demodulation–AM/FM/PM, PSK/QAM and FSK/MSK/ASK · Coherent modulation domain (simultaneous time, AM, FM and PM)

Broadband signal generators use the vector signal simulator and vector signal player software packages, which offer the following signal and mixed-signal creation capabilities: · Agile radio · FSK/MSK/ASK, PSK, QAM · RADAR pulse (fixed and frequency agile) · Tone comb, PM tone comb · Analog modulation (AM/FM/PM) · Additive white Gaussian noise · Import of recorded or external source data files · Commercial wireless standards (CDMA 2000, WCDMA, EDGE, GSM IS 95, IS 136) · Mixing several signal modulation types within the same test signal environment

Signal Safari™ software can generate and analyze complex waveforms using a suite of powerful analysis tools within the vector signal simulator and broadband signal analyzer applications. The software also aids in generating a broad range of signals, from simple CW tones to complex signal environments containing multiple signals of various communications standards.

About Aeroflex Broadband Generation and Analysis Tools
The Signal Safari™ software interface can be used with the following Aeroflex measurement instruments: · Broadband Signal Analyzer and Recorder (BSA) CS35000F Series–the widest bandwidth and deepest memory RF/baseband signal analyzers available. The BSA combines broadband RF down converters, wide bandwidth high dynamic range ADC converters and very deep high speed memory with powerful DSP-based signal analysis software. · Broadband Signal and Environment Generator (BSG) CS25000F Series–RF/baseband signal sources with the widest bandwidth and deepest memory on the market today. The Aeroflex BSG combines a very deep memory, very high-speed arbitrary waveform generator and a broadband RF up converter with powerful signal generation software. · Broadband Signal Analyzer and Generator (BSAG) CS65000F Series–offers the power of the BSA and BSG in a single instrument with full software applications. Independent or simultaneous record/play operations are supported through system configuration. The BSAG is used to create precise, repeatable signals and also has the capability for recording and playing back broadband communications and radar signals. · Broadband Channel Simulator (BCS) CS80000 Series– real time instruments that add impairments to the input signal thereby simulating real world signal transmission channels.

Price and availability
Signal Safari™ V7.0 software is included on Aeroflex’s broadband instruments to provide the industry’s best data generation and analysis tools on the market. The applications are also available for use on workstation computer systems for offline analysis and data file creation capability. Both the software and instruments are highly configurable. For specific pricing, contact your local Aeroflex sales office by visiting www.aeroflex.com or calling Aeroflex Sales at (800) 835-2352.

Free Demonstration Software
To request a demonstration version of the signal analysis, generation and testing software go to: www.aeroflex.com/systems/broadband/cdrequest.cfm.