June 20, 2007, Houston, Texas - Mimix Broadband, Inc. announces today the release of the first edition of Xtra!, a print update to its short-form catalog. Designed either to be inserted into the short-form catalog, or to be used as a stand-alone product newsletter, Xtra! urges designers and Mimix customers to "read all about" the company's latest products, technical updates, application notes and more. This May 2007 edition features the Mimix CMM0511-QT driver amplifier that covers the 5.0-14.0 GHz frequency range and is offered in a surface mount 3x3mm QFN package, the XB1008-BD highly compact buffer amplifier that covers the 10.0-21.0 GHz frequency range, and more than twenty other products, including buffer amplifiers, gain blocks, multipliers, receivers and power amplifiers. Featured application notes address the Mimix 3-Chip Solution that "makes simple work of a 15 GHz transceiver design," as well as the advantages of the company's CGB7000 Series gain blocks. "Xtra! offers quick reference to what's new and exciting within the Mimix product portfolio," says Julie Teinert, Vice President Marketing, Mimix Broadband, Inc. "It's a great addition to our range of product communications, with our short-form catalog providing a more comprehensive listing of products by application and product type, and our CD-ROM catalog containing full datasheets and application notes."