Rogers, Conn. - [Sept. 5, 2007] - Rogers Corporation (NYSE: ROG) announced today, its RO4500(tm) laminates, a new addition to Rogers' RO4000(r) product family of high performance antenna-grade materials. RO4500 glass reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic laminates provide the controlled dielectric constant, low loss and passive intermodulation (PIM) response required by the wireless infrastructure market. They are designed for high volume commercial antenna applications, including communications cellular base stations and Wi-MAX networks. RO4500 laminates provide high thermal conductivity and uniform mechanical properties for improved power handling over a broad frequency range. They are fully compatible with conventional epoxy/glass (FR4) circuit board processing techniques. Unlike PTFE antenna solutions, RO4500 laminates do not require special treatment for plated through-hole preparation. The rigid, thermoset laminate can be processed by automated handling systems and scrubbing. "Rogers is committed to developing products that deliver the high performance and versatility designers and manufacturers want for their commercial antenna applications," said Jim Carroll, director of marketing, ACMD, Rogers Corporation. "RO4500 laminates will enable designers to achieve outstanding results in high volume applications at a value." Produced by the Advanced Circuits Division (ACMD) of Rogers Corporation, RO4500 laminates are available worldwide. For more information contact, 480-961-1382, USA, +86-21-63916088, Asia, +32-0-235-3611, Europe or visit the website at Rogers' ACMD Division products are integrated into a variety of applications in the automotive, antenna, high-speed digital, military, wireless communications, advanced packaging and consumer electronic markets.