Columbia, MD June 14, 2007 — Rohde & Schwarz today introduced the R&S SMF100A analog microwave signal generator that covers 1 to 22 GHz and delivers exceptional phase noise performance, high output power, and very short settling times. At 10 GHz, the R&S SMF100A has phase noise as low as -115 dBc at a 10 kHz carrier offset, and has a settling time of 4 ms for frequency and 3 ms for level, which can be reduced to less than 700 µs in list mode. Output power is typically +26 dBm, eliminating the need for an external amplifier in most applications, making it easy to compensate for cable loss and transfer impedance. The high signal quality of the instrument allows it to be used in two-tone-measurements or as a local oscillator for phase noise measurements in addition to traditional measurement applications. The R&S SMF100A can add FM- or ΦM-modulated noise to the signal to increase the phase noise of the signal generator to a desired value. Operation is simple thanks to settings made via a block diagram on the display and intuitive menus. The instrument can be controlled via Ethernet, and USB and GPIB interfaces are available as options. Removable data memory ensures that all user data is protected against unauthorized access during calibration and repair, which is especially appealing in defense applications. The R&S SMF100A is available now from Rohde & Schwarz.