SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 5, 2007 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the availability of its L Series of economically priced, high-performance electro-mechanical switches operating up to 26.5 GHz with an operating life of 2 million cycles. Agilent's L Series is comprised of terminated and un-terminated SP4T and SP6T multiport switches, as well as a transfer switch. The series features guaranteed insertion loss repeatability of less than 0.03 dB throughout the 2-million-cycle operating life. This capability not only minimizes measurement uncertainty, but also reduces the downtime for recalibration and improves testing efficiency. Manufacturing test engineers doing system integration in telecommunications and component manufacturing face a range of challenges related to the cost of test and the reliability over test systems' life expectancy. Addressing these challenges, Agilent's L Series offers a complete selection of high-performance RF switches, economically priced to minimize the pressure associated with stringent budgetary constraints. These switches deliver the required functionality over their life expectancy while providing the flexibility to deal with the most complex switch matrix and automatic test equipment (ATE) applications. "Agilent is the established leader of high-performance electro-mechanical switches with exceptional operating life," said Agilent's Ee Keong Ban, general manager of the Electronic Measurement Group's Test Accessory Operation. "With the introduction of the L Series, customers now have the flexibility to choose between life expectancy and cost, without sacrificing switch performance. The L Series marks Agilent's entrance into the cost-sensitive switch market and reiterates our commitment to continue to provide cost-effective, value-added solutions to the test and measurement industries." U.S. Pricing and Availability Agilent's economically priced series of L71XX switches will be available in March. They can be purchased through any of Agilent's field engineers, worldwide distributors or Agilent's online store. Pricing is as follows: L7104A/B/C4, 20, 26.5 GHz EM 4-port switch starting at $989 (terminated) L7204A/B/C4, 20, 26.5 GHz EM 4-port switch starting at $800 (unterminated) L7106A/B/C4, 20, 26.5 GHz EM 6-port switch starting at $1,082 (terminated) L7206A/B/C4, 20, 26.5 GHz EM 6-port switch starting at $960 (unterminated) L7222C 26.5 GHz EM transfer switch $772 For information regarding Agilent's new L Series switches, go to A photo of the switches is available at