BARCELONA, Spain, 3GSM, Booth D45, Feb. 12, 2007 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced the industry's first integrated test solution that enables complete analysis of IMS and UMA networks in a single protocol-analysis tool. The ability to quickly deploy new services and expand service coverage is key to driving revenue growth in today's increasingly competitive operator environment. Both fixed and mobile operators need solutions that enable them to quickly deliver rich media services and enhance traditional voice and data services. The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) network provides a highly flexible standard-based architecture that allows operators to rapidly deploy these new services across different access technologies. These new services must effectively manage dynamic QoS policies in mobility environments in order to deliver the best quality of experience. Deploying an IMS network, especially in a multi-vendor environment, requires tools that enable distributed troubleshooting and analysis across the entire IMS network. Operators are also being challenged to increase coverage, but the high cost of spectrum licenses makes expanding coverage expensive. The Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) network provides access to mobile services over unlicensed spectrum technologies. Using dual-mode mobile handsets, service providers expand their coverage, allowing subscribers to move between cellular networks and public or private unlicensed wireless networks. Also, when deploying UMA, operators require tools that ensure their subscribers receive a consistent user experience for their mobile voice and data services as they move between the different access networks. The platform, called the Agilent J7830A signaling analyzer platform provides a scalable, distributable and multi-user architecture tuned to the unique challenges of developing, deploying, maintaining and optimizing IMS or UMA networks. The analyzer provides complete decoding and filtering as well as an automatic call-trace engine with multiple protocol and interface correlation, graphical call sequence diagrams and statistics in real-time. The Agilent J7844A signaling analyzer IMS technology option provides end-to-end troubleshooting and root-cause analysis in a distributed IMS network environment. The system provides the ability to correlate the signaling for each protocol and interface involved in delivery of IMS services, including multi-party sessions. It also provides the ability to perform real-time RTP stream analysis and graphical performance statistics. For UMA, the Agilent J7846A signaling analyzer UMA technology option enables complete analysis for UMA network interfaces. Both voice and data services are supported. The system correlates and groups the Up interface with GSM-A and GPRS-Gb interfaces, providing a complete view of both traditional GERAN and UMAN systems. "The traditional divisions between fixed and mobile networks are fading as operators focus on delivering unified services seamlessly to the end user," said Chris Witt, general manager of Agilent's Next Generation Wireless Division. "The signaling analyzer IMS and UMA solution enables our customers to rapidly test, deploy and optimize these converging networks and the services they provide within a single test tool." Additional information about the J7844A and J7846A is available at