The following definition of FMC is based on the ETSI FMC ad hoc workgroup documents:

“Fixed and Mobile Convergence (FMC) is concerned with the provision of network and service capabilities, which are independent of the access technique. This does not necessarily imply the physical convergence of networks. It is concerned with the development of converged network capabilities and supporting standards. This set of standards may be used to offer a set of consistent services via fixed or mobile access to fixed or mobile, public or private networks.

An important feature of FMC is to allow users to access a consistent set of services from any fixed or mobile terminal, via any compatible access point. An Important extension of this principle is related to roaming; users should be able top roam between networks and be able to use the same consistent set of services through those visited networks ass they have available in the home network. This feature is referred to as the Virtual Home Environment (VHE).”