SANTA CLARA, Calif., and COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Nov. 27, 2006 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) and FuturePlus Systems Corp. today announced a collaborative analysis solution for DDR3 memory buses operating at data rates up to 1066 Mega-Transfers per second (MT/s). The new tool combines the FuturePlus FS2350 DDR3 interposer analysis probe and the Agilent 16950B series logic analyzer modules, both introduced in November 2006. The new tools will be used by design teams in the computer, communications, semiconductor, aerospace and defense industries. Those designers face growing bus-analysis challenges as ever-faster memory speeds continue to outpace existing measurement platforms. The FuturePlus FS2350 analysis probe, designed for use with Agilent logic analysis systems, provides state analysis and protocol decode at up to 1066 megatransfers per second (MT/s), as well as timing analysis at up to 4 GHz in systems with typical data valid windows as narrow as 650 ps. The FS2350 is the only DDR3 interposer analysis probe proven to provide reliable 1066 MT/s data capture. The new Agilent 16950B 68-channel logic analyzer modules provide high sample rate and deep memory offering state analysis capture of up to 667 MHz and maximum data rate of 1066 Mb/s as well as up to 64 M of acquisition memory. The 16950B offers the performance necessary to validate leading-edge designs in the computer and semiconductor industries, such as DDR3 and front-side bus designs. Agilent's new 16951B 68-channel logic analyzer module offers the same acquisition performance as the 16950B, but also quadruples the industry's maximum memory depth to 256 M samples. Both of the new modules are designed for use in Agilent 16900 Series logic-analysis systems. Additional information about Agilent's new 16900 Series logic analysis system and the company's complete line of validation and debug tools is available at