SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 12, 2006 Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced a new series of affordable handheld digital multimeters and handheld oscilloscopes, emphasizing its commitment to providing low-cost test and measurement solutions. With the release of this new range of products, in addition to the previously launched 34405A digital multimeter and DSO3000 oscilloscopes, Agilent expects to better serve quality-conscious and cost-sensitive customers who are looking beyond bench-top solutions. Engineers and technicians in today's electronics industry face an increasing need for high-performance portable instruments in service and maintenance applications. Agilent's U1250A Series and U1600A Series address these market needs, allowing users to perform tests in-plant and off-site without compromising performance. "Having received constant feedback from customers on the performance and quality requirements for entry-level test-and-measurement instruments, we are expanding our solutions in the low-cost market," said Ee Huei Sin, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Basic Instruments Division. "The new handheld digital multimeters and handheld oscilloscopes are designed to meet or exceed customers' needs for portable test solutions." These products are part of Agilent's long-term plan to provide a broader range of low-cost solutions to the market that are primarily available through distribution channels worldwide. The Agilent U1250A Series Handheld Digital Multimeters Built to ease electronic troubleshooting and validation, the high-performance, portable U1250A Series enables engineers and technicians to complete their day-to-day tasks without being confined to the bench. The initial entry in this series comprises two feature-packed models, the U1251A and the U1252A, which are designed for the cost-sensitive test and measurement market. Benefits of the new U1250A series handheld digital multimeters include: Precise measurements -- The models provide 4.5-digit resolution with 50,000 count full-scale on dual display and basic accuracy of up to 0.025 percent, offering simultaneous and accurate measurements and providing the flexibility to perform either quick validation or tolerance checks and marginal failure troubleshooting; Versatile functionality -- In addition to the basic measurement functions, the models come with capabilities such as automated data-logging with the optional PC interface cable, 20 MHz frequency counter, and programmable square-wave generator and temperature measurement; and Durable and safe -- Rated at CAT III 1000 V, both models come in a robust package with shock-absorbing over-mold and operate within their rated specification, from minus 20 degrees Celsius up to 55 degrees Celsius. The Agilent U1600A Series Handheld Oscilloscopes Designed to address portability in multi-industrial automation, process control, facility maintenance and automotive-service industries, the U1600A Series provides high-performance versatility with two inaugural releases: the U1602A (20 MHz bandwidth) and the U1604A (40 MHz bandwidth). Benefits of the new U1600A Series handheld digital oscilloscopes include: 3-in-1 solution -- The models not only provide full-featured oscilloscope functionality, but also 6,000 count DMM and data-logging functions; Clearly distinguished waveforms -- The models offer 4.5-inch LCD color display for easier viewing of both channels simultaneously; Effective capture of signal anomalies, deviations and glitches -- These models provide real-time sampling rates of up to 200 MSa/s; Deep memory storage -- The models provide 125 Kbytes of memory depth, 250 times the memory depth of competitive handheld oscilloscopes in the same class. U.S. Pricing and Availability The Agilent U1250A Series starts at $399 and is available now. The U1600A Series starts at $1,320 and will be available for shipment in October. Customers may order online at More information about the Agilent U1250A Series handheld digital multimeters and the U1600A Series handheld oscilloscopes can be found at and, respectively. High-resolution images are available at