MB-OFDM is a UWB specification from WiMedia Alliance. It is architected for wireless personal-area networks delivering high-speed (480 Mbps and beyond), low-power multimedia capabilities for the PC, consumer electronics, mobile and automotive market segments. Agilent's new Option BHB provides an advanced troubleshooting and evaluation tool set for analyzing MB-OFDM ultra-wideband signals. It will support the WiMedia Alliance Physical Layer Specification Release 1.1, for FFI (non-hopped) and TFI (hopped) time-frequency codes. Option BHB features advanced demodulation analysis, OFDM demodulation analysis and vector signal analysis tools, as well as a broad range of UWB-specific measurements, such as spectral mask and ACP, and both composite and individual band results for hopped signals. "With its extensive line-up of features, we feel confident that the new modulation analysis capability will fully support the needs of R&D developers working in the field of wireless USB and other UWB emerging communications applications," said Jim Litz, product marketing manager for Agilent's Signal Analysis Division. "When this outstanding functionality is coupled with Agilent's powerful 80000 series Infiniium oscilloscopes, developers can be assured of their ability to uncover real signal problems -- even those that are difficult to see." Option BHB is used with Agilent's premier 89600 Series vector signal analysis software. Its rich toolset of flexible and powerful measurements -- such as simultaneous time, frequency and modulation-domain -- and displays enable the developer to analyze an ultra-wideband signal and then quickly identify and track down problems. Option BHB can also be used with Agilent's DSO80000 high-performance Infiniium Series of digital scopes. This is critical since measuring MB-OFDM ultra-wideband signals can be extremely difficult and requires the use of a high-speed scope. The Infiniium Series of scopes feature a 1 ps RMS jitter, 40 GSa/s data rate and 2 Mpts memory length. With an analysis bandwidth that is as high as 13 GHz, the scopes are capable of capturing the complete UWB burst at one time. Using Agilent's Option BHB, the 89600 Series software and the DSO80000 Infiniium Series of scopes together effectively provides developers with one-stop shopping for hardware and software. U.S. Pricing and Availability A beta version of the Agilent 89600 VSA Option BHB MB-OFDM ultra-wideband modulation analysis software is now available as part of Agilent's beta program. Contact an Agilent sales representative for more information. Information about Agilent's Option BHB is available at www.agilent.com/find/89600. A photo of the product is available at www.agilent.com/find/MBOFDM_image.