Werlatone recently expanded its offering of high power combiners and directional couplers to include a new product line supporting a full 20 to 1000 MHz bandwidth. These broadband units are a perfect fit for military and commercial applications alike, as they are all designed for extreme operating conditions.

The new low loss 20 to 1000 MHz combiners address power requirements ranging from 10 to 500 W CW and tolerate severe power unbalances, while maintaining excellent port-to-port isolation. In addition, the patented circuits significantly reduce the heat generated during operation, allowing smaller package sizes to be utilized. Werlatone's line of two-way and four-way combiners will tolerate full input failures at rated power and operate over a temperature range of -55° to +85°C. Their tolerance to input failures insures that the remaining inputs, and thus the amplifier system may continue to operate in a degraded mode until the system can be properly shut down for maintenance. Units may be supplied RoHS compliant and in non-connectorized packages on a case-by-case basis.

The new 20 to 1000 MHz high power dual-directional couplers provide a low loss solution for broadband amplifier manufacturers seeking non-connectorized couplers at the module level or connectorized components at the amplifier output. The new couplers address the same power levels as the company's combiner products, while the patented structure of these small form factor circuits provides the low loss and extremely flat coupling required of a protection circuit or in test and measurement applications. These new dual-directional couplers join the company's other products supporting multi-octave bandwidths (up to 6 GHz) with low-loss and excellent flatness.


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