Strategy Analytics has just published a new report examining the state of the base station component market, Radio Access Network RF Power Device Trends & Forecast: 2011 – 2015. This latest Strategy Analytics report provides an in-depth view of the current market for RF components in BTS, the most important recent developments in this field, and a global forecast for how the market will come to develop in the medium-term, out to 2015. The key message from the report is that the BTS market is currently in the process of changing more than it has done at any other point in its history. The report finds that conditions are favourable for continuing growth, particularly in emerging markets, with the market for BTS components set to top $5.4 B worldwide by 2015. Resonating strongly through the report is a warning that advances in technology are opening up the market for a host of new players, posing a substantial threat to the more established semi firms and subsystem equipment vendors who have dominated this space for so long. New materials and signalling technologies could potentially be the Trojan Horses that allow new players to enter the BTS market and undermine the current market leaders. For more information about this report, go to