HUBER+SUHNER intends to relocate approximately 80 assembly jobs from the Swiss location of Herisau to its production plants in Poland and Tunisia. The executive management thereby intends to mitigate the negative effects of the currency crisis and boost competitiveness, especially in relation to market participants from the Euro zone.

As an export-oriented company with important production locations in Switzerland, HUBER+SUHNER is particularly badly affected by upheavals on the international currency markets. Although the company continues to invest in know-how and capital-intensive workplaces at both the Pfäffikon ZH and Herisau locations, it is no longer able to maintain less complex assembly activities in Switzerland in view of the economic situation.

The relocation takes place as part of the company’s long-term, global production strategy of ‘the right activity in the right location’. While the company has created around 130 high quality jobs in Switzerland since the beginning of 2010, it is now relocating some 80 jobs involving a high degree of manual work sooner than originally planned. The Pfäffikon location is not affected by these measures.

HUBER+SUHNER currently employs almost 1,600 people in Switzerland, approximately 900 of whom are located in Herisau and around 700 in Pfäffikon. Approximately 4,000 permanent employees work for the company worldwide.