OMMIC announced the release of three new GaAs MMICs:

• The CGY2123UH, is an LNA operating in the 32 to 38 GHz band. It has a NF of 2.3 dB and 23 dB of gain at 35 GHz.

• The CGY2173UH is a 6 bit wideband phase shifter, operating in the 6 to 18 GHz band. It has a shifting range of 360°, LSB of 5.625°, a phase Error of 3° Typical, S11 & S22 of -10 dB, and an input P1dB of 25 dBm.

• The CGY2190UH, is an LNA operating in the 75 to 110 GHz band. It has 23 dB gain, a NF of 2.8 dB at 90 GHz and an ultra low power consumption (Vdd=1 V, Total Drain current = 30 mA).

These MMICs can be used in telecom, radars, security scanners and strumentations applications. Samples are available.