In a development that claims to bring UWB closer to mainstream use, NEC Corp. has announced that it has succeeded in developing the world’s first reliable signal creation and processing technology in the wireless 3 to 9 GHz wide bandwidth range, enabling high speed wireless transmission of data from computers and digital home appliances.

To realize the wide spectrum of frequencies, the company developed an oscillator that can generate signals in the 3 to 9 GHz range. In addition, an ultra-high speed gain amplifier and bandpass filter have been added into the oscillator to change the gain in accordance with fast band hopping, achieving a flat characteristic output in the desired frequency range. Key to this new development is: the introduction of a new amplifier that achieves high performance for both large amplitude and noise rejection simultaneously; and the placing of just one voltage-adjustment circuit on a chip and using a bus to distribute compensation voltages, drastically reducing the amount of power needed for variation correction.

NEC is certain that its technology will significantly contribute to the realization of high speed wireless networks at home and in the office, and plans to strengthen its research toward the early commercialization of UWB products.