TriQuint Semiconductor Inc., booth 323, is releasing its newest GaN packaged transistor device, the T1G6001528-Q3, in conjunction with European Microwave Week in Manchester.

The T1G6001528-Q3, a gallium nitride (GaN) packaged HEMT RF power transistor that delivers high output power and efficiency over a wide bandwidth: DC to 6 GHz. It is an excellent choice for defense and commercial wireless communications, avionics, radar systems, electronic warfare jammer amplifiers, test equipment and any application in which high power, broad frequency coverage, and high efficiency are critical.

Commercial and defense systems today place stringent demands on RF power devices. They must combine high RF output power with high efficiency and gain across a wide bandwidth. The T1G6001528-Q3 is fabricated using TriQuint’s proven 0.25 μm GaN on SiC process that is optimized to meet these challenges. It incorporates advanced field plate techniques that enhance RF output power and efficiency at high drain bias operating conditions. This has significant benefits for system designers because overall costs can be reduced as fewer RF power transistors and amplifiers are required to deliver a specific power level, which can decrease the system’s bill of materials and reduces thermal management requirements.

“Nearly every application today requires RF power devices that are optimized for not just one, but all performance parameters,” said Richard Martin, TriQuint Defense & Aerospace Transistor Marketing Manager. “The T1G6001528-Q3 is an excellent example of how gallium nitride technology can be applied to meet these challenges without trading off a key performance metric just to satisfy another. Compared to even robust technologies like GaAs, GaN provides superior wideband power, efficiency and gain. Our new packaged transistor delivers its 18 Watts output power with extremely high-efficiency, greater than 60 percent at 6 GHz, while providing the high gain and ruggedness today's applications require.”

The T1G6001528-Q3 operates from a 28 V DC power supply, will deliver its rated output power into a 10:1 VSWR without damage, and is housed in TriQuint’s compact, low-thermal resistance earless solder-down package.