Giga-tronics announced it will be introducing its new instrument-grade broadband microwave power amplifiers in booth 218 at the European Microwave Conference in Manchester, England.

“The new microwave power amplifiers are the latest additions to the Giga-tronics product line of broadband solid-state microwave power amplifiers.” said Malcolm Levy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Giga-tronics Incorporated. “European Microwave is expected to be an exciting, well-attended show this year in the UK, and Giga-tronics is delighted to be participating with its UK agent Sematron.”

The Giga-tronics microwave power amplifiers were designed in response to customer requests for higher power with very wide frequency range, flat frequency response and low noise. The amplifiers are easily used in R&D lab applications and manufacturing automated test systems to overcome power losses from a signal generator or whenever higher power is required. The small size and light weight make them ideal for lab bench applications, while the ability to place the amplifier close to the device under test (DUT) minimizes cable loss for more optimal testing.