Tahoe RF Semiconductor Inc. announces the industry’s first integrated dual channel (L1 & L2) GPS RFIC that substantially mitigates interference from LightSquared and 4G L-Band LTE signals and other high level jamming environments.

Tahoe RF’s TRFS15011 integrates two independent receive paths with 12 bit analog-to-digital converters, providing complete conversion of GPS signals from RF to digital data. The IC also has integrated Fractional-N RF Synthesizers with a high performance VCO. The receive paths can be configured for high linearity operation by setting the ADC resolution to 12 bits, or for low power operation by setting the ADC resolution to 3 bits. The RFIC configuration is digitally controlled through a bi-directional SPI.

The TRFS15011 is the most flexible and robust GPS receiver on the market. The integrated circuit has the ability to process L1 and L2 received signal data in the presence of a >60 dBc jammer and easily integrates into a complete system platform solution.

“GPS frequency bands are under attack, and it is necessary for our industry to recognize that this threat is real, and prepare accordingly. The new normal is for GPS systems to operate in presence of high power interferers. Tahoe RF has developed the industry’s first GPS RFIC receiver that addresses this critical issue. Tahoe RF is seeking to work with a few selected companies to develop custom IC solutions that protect their investments and develop significant competitive advantages.” said Irshad Rasheed, CEO/President of Tahoe RF.

Microwave Journal will be featuring this product in the November supplement on Mobile Communications.