Magyar Telecom has selected HUBER+SUHNER as sole supplier for a special power to the antenna solution using the company’s SMART DC Kits. Magyar Telecom, which is 59 percent owned by Deutsche Telekom, is running a four year program for a mobile infrastructure generation and technology swap to remote radio systems with fiber fed Remote Radio Heads (RRH).

For the power supply of the RRHs the company has decided to reuse the redundant coaxial feeder cables. The application requires a special adaptor between the coaxial feeder and the DC power cable. This is a patent pending idea of Vodafone and with a grant of license HUBER+SUHNER has developed the SMART DC Kits product family. The products are TUV certified for product and installation safety and this certificate was an important consideration for Magyar Telecom.

The SMART DC Kits can be used for such copper feeder reuse applications worldwide and the company sees it as a rising and ongoing business opportunity for at least the next 10 years.